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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surfboard Bike Racks - NEW to just recently added a line of Surfboard Bike Racks. Go check them out.  Home Surfboard Storage Racks are a must and we got that covered at StoreYourBoard but now we are taking it a step further with Surfboard Bike Racks.  When you are at the beach everyone loves to cruise around on your bike instead of having to drive in a car and never get parking.

Well now you can use your bike to bring your surfboard to the beach.  These racks will let you safely and securely transport your surfboard to the beach.  We know many people just throw it under their arm (not saying I haven't done this myself) but it really is MUCH Easier to just use a rack.  Also if you have more than a block or two to travel these become all but essential.

 Check out the Wheele Trailer Rack

This is the Carver Mini Rack - Best for Shorter Boards (under 8 ft)

Do yourself a favor and get a surfboard bike rack and make it that much easier to cruise to the beach for your next set.

That is it for now...