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Friday, March 24, 2017

Kickin’ it Off: Kayak & Canoe Storage for Spring 2017

I live in one of those earthly locations the travel mags like to call “a 4 season destination”.  Which is all well and good up until about, well, now.  I’ve gotten my fix of snowboarding (great year!) and am now wishing for a heavy dose of sun rays.

Problem is, the snow is layered up deep and melting slowly.  If you’re like me, your backyard may still resemble the above pic.  But, hey, long as I’ve been alive spring has never failed to come, so here’s to waiting.

Of course, in the meantime, there’s all kinds of business to be had in prepping for the nearby day when the old canoe will first hit the water.  Flies to tie, rods to string, paddles to varnish, cobwebs to clear.  Cause before you know it we’ll be here…

…Or maybe here, depending on lifestyle choices… 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add to the to-do list a few simple installs that will make reaching the water all the easier.  We are after all, and despite the somewhat misleading moniker for this category, we do excel in the storage of both canoes and kayaks.  Or so I’m told.  
Since few pieces of outdoor equipment are less wieldy and more space-sucking than watercraft, I figured I’d pass along some of my acquired knowledge in handling these beasts with 3 products that I highly recommend.  After all, less time straining, lifting and dragging equals more water time.   

First up, we’ve got our car mount kayak roof roller.  Check the listing for full details, but the nitty-gritty on this gadget is “single person, back saving, roof-rack lift assist”.  From experience, I know that 1) sometimes I’m on the river alone or 2) sometimes my paddling partner isn’t “ideally equipped” for heavy lifting.  This roller bypasses those challenges by making canoe or kayak lifting simple for one person.  At $49.99 it’s got excellent bang-for-the-buckery. 

Speaking of those hanging in the singles lane, next on the order of things, we’ve got our garage canoe hoist that’s perfect for a solo man, woman or appropriately sized child.  For canoes or kayaks, this is hands-down one of the best accessory purchases a paddler can make.  The gist of it goes something like “store your canoe high, dry and up in the sky (ceiling)”.  With 200 lb. capacity, you can even throw a bit of gear in there.  

Works even better in non-exceptionally clean garages.
Lastly, we’re coming up bigly with a super robust kayak cart (or kayak dolly).  Lugging a kayak on your back for even a hundred yards can be seriously exhausting.  Especially if you’re in the sand.  For those of you with intermediary steps to the water we've come through with our top rated kayak dolly.  With airless tires (no flat worries!) and a whopping 150 lb. capacity, this kayak cart is designed to haul your boat, fishing gear, anchor, paddle and even a rock collection (if you're so inclined).  We can’t recommend it highly enough.  

Hopefully soon we’ll all be on a quiet waterway with winter snows and installed boat racks only a fond memory.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Surfboard Mosaic Artwork by Katy | Display Surfboard Wall Art at Home

Looking for a great way to recycle your old, used surfboard into a new work of art? Check out how Katy designs and creates mosaic surfboards to display in people's homes, restaurants, and even on the set of a TV show. Katy resides in Hermosa Beach, and grew up loving the beach and the ocean. 2 years ago she turned her artistic talents to designing and decorating old surfboards to give them new life as wall mosaics. The results are pretty amazing. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Surfboard Art Display for a Good Cause in Ventura, California

Check out the surfboard art that the 5th grade class at Pierpont Elementary School, of Ventura, California, created to auction off for their school's fundraiser!

surfboard artwork

Friday, July 1, 2016

SUP Bags | Padded Cases and Covers For Paddleboard Storage, Travel, and Protection

Paddleboards are big, tough to maneuver out of water, and an expensive investment. All of these are reasons why you need a paddleboard bag for your SUP when you're storing it at home or in your garage, moving it from your paddleboard rack, riding with it on your SUP car roof rack, or even keeping it at the water's edge while you're in between sessions. SUP bags will protect your board from dings and damages, over sun exposure, and in general keep it clean and protected. There are a variety of types - thicknesses, widths, length - to fit all your different paddleboards, like race, touring, surf and more.

paddleboard bags

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kayak and SUP Combo Storage Racks | Portable Storage for Paddleboards and Boats

We know a lot of the paddlers out there are both SUP and Kayak aficionados, meaning you've got multiple paddleboards and boats at home that you need to store. And for you, a rack that holds only paddleboards or only kayaks isn't going to cut it. You need versatile, combo racks for both multiple kayaks and paddleboards. Check out some of our best combo racks to save you space in your garage, on your dock, or wherever you storage your kayaks and paddleboards.

dock storage for boards and kayaks

Monday, June 27, 2016

Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton is Ready to Surf the Biggest Wave Ever

Big wave surfing is one of the most popular surfing styles and it is definitely the most spectacular. For big wave surfing, the waves need to be at least 20 feet tall, but for most big wave surfers, 20 foot waves are a child’s play. In January 2013, Hawaiian big wave surfer, Garrett McNamara, broke the world record for largest wave ever surfed; it was estimated to be 100 foot tall and the event took place in Nazaré, Portugal, a big surfer’s paradise. The holder of the previous 78 foot wave record from 2012? McNamara, himself! 

andrew cotton surfing

This is where
Andrew Cotton comes in – he plans to break this record, as he says “I'm always working towards [my goals] and […] one is always to surf the biggest wave ever; hopefully this year I'll achieve that.” So, who is Andrew Cotton and why are his ambitions set so high?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

How to Store Your Kayak on Your Dock | Dock Racks for Kayaks

The goal of many kayak owners is to store their kayaks outside, at or near the water, so they don't have to lug them around when they want to use them. It makes it much easier and faster to get out on the water, and saves a lot of energy for paddling. Kayak dock racks are the holy grail of kayak storage because it creates easy access to the water for you and your kayak.

dock rack for 2 kayaks

Monday, May 2, 2016

Indoor Surfboard Design, Decoration and Art Racks | Home Surf Storage Racks

There's lots of different places and types of people who want to store their surfboards. Many surfers want their boards ready to go, stored in their garage. But there's a whole different crowd that wants to store their surfboards in their homes, apartments, beach houses, shops and stores, to use as decoration and design. This is great for classic surfboards, custom surfboards, retired surfboards, or display surfboards. Turn your surfboard into wall art!

clear rack for surf decoration

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Store Your Paddleboard at Home | SUP Storage Tips

paddleboard ceiling storageOne of the biggest questions you may have when buying your first paddleboard is the issue of storage: "where on earth will I put a 10 foot (or longer) board?" 

Some people opt to buy an inflatable paddleboard for this very reason - because it deflates to store compactly when not in use. But lack of space should not be a deciding factor in whether you choose to get a rigid board, even if you live in a small place. SUP storage racks make use of space you didn't even realize you had. There are so many different kinds of paddle board racks that maximize the use of space, like SUP ceiling racksfreestanding SUP racks, outdoor SUP racks, and more.