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Friday, September 22, 2017

Gearing Up for Winter with the Only Ski & Snowboard Racks You'll Ever Need

Unlike the spring lead-up to summer, it seems no one is ever quite ready for the temperatures to plunge and the first snows to fall.  We've still got autumn, but this last official day of summer has to be a reminder that our days of lengthy SUP paddles in heated weather are drawing to a close.

(Ed. note: If you're in Cali, Bali, or some other sunshine coast, feel free to disregard completely and jump to the below info.  It'll be useful if you've got an eye on some Boulder real estate.)

Anyway, for those of us with a FULL 4 seasons, now's the time to be thinking seasonal change.  The chairlifts will be cranking up before you know it and you don't want to find yourself realizing - again - that your skis are going to spend another season relegated to the loneliest corner of your abode.

At we're already seeing a healthy boost to the winter sports sales, an excellent sign that at least a percentage of us are type A planners to the fullest.   For the rest, consider this a helpful reminder as we roll out a menu of our bestselling winter products.

These products vary in their application, but each is a top selling product because it does its job simply and affordably.  Here they are:

Our BLAT Ski Storage Rack is the go to rack for a family or serious collection of skis, period.  It's got the looks to hang in your cedar lined mudroom, as evidenced in the photo, but the image I really prefer is the one below.  Sure it displays shovels instead of skis (multi functional!), but it's immediately obvious that this thing is a beast!  Oh, your skis each weigh a ridiculous 37 lbs?  No problem.  Load this thing down with a full roster of 8 pairs.  That's $7.50/pair, which is far less than the tax you just paid for your latest rides. 

Next up is a favorite snowboard wall option that automatically generates FREE SHIPPING.             The Cinch is a minimalist setup that attractively displays your board for a measly $9.99.  But it's also a part of our new free shipping initiative on select products, meaning $9.99 is your final price.  I especially like it because it's one of the few snowboard wall racks that allows your board to hug the wall as tightly as possible, making it easy to navigate around all year long. 

The freestanding rack is a perennial bestseller for two reasons.  First, it's one of the few floor racks designed to handle extra wide powder skis, so it's a particular favorite for the westerners out there.  And second, it's just easy.  Meaning no assembly tools needed, no maintenance, no problems with melting ice and snow.  Leave it outside or in your garage - it'll hold up for years.  Constructed of durable polycarbonate and MADE IN THE USA there isn't a home, lodge or trailside condo where this rack won't work.  So if you don't want to locate wall studs, drive drywall anchors or spend 10 minutes on assembly, turn here.

Okay, so it turns out you DO have a beautiful home or nice log sided condo.  You deem aesthetics important, and like the natural look of wood.  Maybe you're even a mountain manager and are looking to replace the standard lineup of metal racks.  Constructed from USA cedar and manufactured in Wisconsin, our Ski & Snowboard Outdoor Log Rack is the perfect solution for storing your skis and boards in a tidy manner, while still looking good.  Select from one of 3 finishes, then place this rack on the back deck or beside the front entrance.  The rot resistant cedar - plus the finish - will protect your rack for many years, despite harsh winter weather.

Last up, I'll turn to a favorite rack with a story I love.  We designed the Hi-Port 2 for use with watersports equipment; surfboards, SUPs and kayaks specifically.  And it immediately started flying off the shelves, with reviews pouring in. If overhead ski, snowboard and pole storage is your game, the Hi-Port 2 works exceptionally well.  Each arm measures 25", so a number of skis and boards can fit side by side.  But the best feature may be the rack's center extension post.  Push it close to the ceiling (hangs down approximately 12"), or fully extend to about 20" if you have a tall ceiling.  It makes retrieval easy, while utilizing previously unused overhead space.  And despite it's robust steel construction, with padded, detachable arms and all around adjustability, the Hi-Port 2 is sold for $74.99.  

So there it is.  A lineup of 5 of our best suited winter sports racks.  If one of them doesn't do the trick, just hop on over to our Ski or Snowboard corners for a perusal of the largest selection on the web.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Hi-Port 2 has arrived! | Kayak, SUP and surfboard ceiling storage

We're very excited to announce that the Hi-Port 2 is now readily available for purchase!  The development of this rack goes back quite a ways and is a story I won't belabor.  What's important is that we wanted to design a rack that would fix or upgrade all the shortcomings found in the current line-up of ceiling racks.  In my opinion, mission accomplished.  

I invite you to have a scan of either our Double Kayak listing or our Multi - SUP/Surf listing for the full roster of details, but for a quick run-by, here's what we did with the Hi-Port 2:
  • Doubled the capacity.  So many ceiling racks are built for a single kayak or board.  But many of our customers have multiple we doubled the capacity with 2-sided, easy accessibility.  Supports 100 lbs!
  • Adjusts vertically. The center post slides up and down and locks in place with a gated pin.  So 1) you can maximize space by lowering the rack for 18" of clearance or 2) raise the rack to allow for vehicle clearance underneath. (In this scenario, the rack hangs 12" from the ceiling).
  • Mounting plate rotates 90 degrees. Why is this important? Well, most racks can only be mounted in one direction, determined by the orientation of ceiling rafters. The Hi-Port 2 can be mounted in either direction, so there's no concern about whether or not the rack will "work".
  • XL arms. The arms are each 25" long and are designed to support SUPs up to 36" wide.
  • Removable arms.  All 4 arms can be removed with the simple click of a button.  Makes storage or mounting beside a wall very simple.
  • Heavy duty construction.  As always, we strived to overbuild the Hi-Port 2. It's made entirely from steel with arms padded by thick foam that holds up well to abuse.

Check it out and tell them who sent you.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Hauling Your 'Yak: Which Kayak Dolly to Choose?

A number of years back I was on an extended fishing and kayaking trip with my dad and brother in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.  We were camping, paddling, eating plenty of bacon and PB&J sandwiches and generally enjoying a leisurely life away from computers and calls.  Until, that is, we hit the longest carry (portage for the Frenchmen) I've ever experienced.  

That carry ended up stretching more than a mile between bodies of water and - if memory serves - we traipsed it three times.  Lug the kayaks, head back, then manhandle the assortment of fishing and camping gear over the heavily rooted path. Needless to say, it wasn't the trip's highlight.

Somewhere along that stretch I concluded there must be a better way.  And now of course I know there is.  A few simple kayak dollies would have saved us time, backache and those two extra jaunts down the path.  Not having a kayak cart is a mistake I won't make again.

You don't need to be on a wilderness expedition to require a kayak cart. In fact, I'd venture to guess that most kayak dolly owners use their vehicle for short pulls of a quarter mile or less. House to the beach, car to the river, camp to the cove.  Whatever the distance, a kayak dolly is an incredibly useful instrument that takes the struggle out of the equation.  And what I like best is the carrying capacity a dolly allows.  Fishing gear, paddle, water, rain gear, all goes in the kayak for transportation with little noticeable weight.

Like anything, different folks will require different style kayak carts.  On I'm very pleased with the quality of each dolly in our selection, but for specific applications, here's what I'd recommend.

"Around Town"
For the most part you're not looking to haul your kayak long distances and you won't be towing through thick mud, knobby rocks or gnarly paths.  Sidewalks, gravel or dirt paths, a bit of sand; this is your style.

I recommend our Deluxe Kayak Dolly for the following reasons.
  • 150 lb. capacity you'll never exceed
  • Dual leg kickstand for easy, single person loading
  • Center-mount towing (equals less weight for you to shoulder)
  • "No flat" wheels that roll smoothly and can handle minor obstructions
  • Quality stainless steel & aluminum hardware
  • Great price point at $134.99
"Off Road"
You like to go down treacherous paths or typically have no clue what terrain you might encounter. Sand, mud, roots and rocks are all in your future.

I recommend our All Terrain Kayak Cart for the following reasons.
  • Massive "no flat" 15" tires for superior clearance and excellent traction
  • Thick foam padding cradles your kayak for exceptional fit
  • Beefy aluminum construction keeps weight down, but allows for 250 lb. capacity!
  • Compact frame folds down in seconds - great for overnight trips

"Beach Commander"
Your favorite water is reached after a long haul over deep, loose, shifting sands. The type of terrain that typically swallows up wagons, carts and strollers. What you need are purpose designed beach wheels.

I recommend our Fishing Kayak Cart with Sand Wheels for the following reasons.
  • Same cart as the All Terrain but fitted out with balloon wheels for super flotation
  • Huge wheel surface area allows the cart to float over sand where lesser dollies dig in
  • Another popular option is to buy the Sand Wheels and build your own cart!

Keep the memories fresh and the hauling easy!  Until next time...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Building the Best Fishing Rack Selection

Our Reclaimed Fishing Rod Rack - constructed from repurposed white oak wine barrel staves

 If any time is ripe for wetting a line it's these days when the sunrise hours are longest and the waters are still cool.  Along the eastern seaboard the quarry is bass.  Striped for the saltwater anglers and smallmouths for the fresh.  I can happily attest that they've been eating quite fine lately, though a trophy catch still eludes me.

Back in the office fishing remains the topic of choice as we've been hard at work, having conversations, spitballing ideas, chatting with suppliers and generally employing the heavy lifting that comes with introducing a new product category.  As we head toward the heart of summer we're pretty pleased with the start of our newest category: Fishing Racks.

I say start because we're by no means finished with our curation of quality fishing products.  There's more stocking, inventorying and onboarding to accomplish before we rap things up and head back for the nearest waters.  But in the meantime, have a look.  I daresay our lineup rivals any competitor you'll toss forward in terms of unique, attractive product offerings coupled with functionality for home, vehicle, offshore boat or bass-stalking kayak.  And remember, there's more to come.

24 Fishing Rod Storage Rack- choose from 4 customized fishing designs.  Constructed from a weatherproof poly material, this fishing rod rack is perfect for docks or boathouses. Leave outside for years and use it to spray down rods after use.


The Horizontal Suction Mount Rod Holder
has some cool technology. It mounts to boats, vehicles, walls with super strong suctions with integrated vacuum pumps. Remove, reattach and use in multiple places.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               For all us fishermen who are constantly tangling lines and snapping rod tips on doors and truck tailgates.  The
Truck Bed Fishing Pole Carrier solves that problem.

                                                                                       Attach it to your boat's hardtop, the wall at your house or your garage ceiling, the
Fast Retrieve Fishing Pole Storage Rack is a great solution for storing rods easily and at an affordable price.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Best Way to Store and Transport Your SUPs If You Live Near the Water

Versatility is one of those words we all like to hear when purchasing a product.  It suggests, "hey, this gadget can do more than one thing, but you don't have to pay double the price."  If you're purchasing a versatile food processor, there's always the hope it will chop your veggies and do double duty as an iPhone dock.  It's a quirky combo, and maybe you don't really need it, but it's a free iPhone charger!

Along those same lines I want to point out one of StoreYourBoard's versatile products, the 2 Paddleboard Cart and Stand Combo.  If you'd like the detailed specs, follow the link.  But if all you need is the quick knowledge, here it is:
  • SUP dolly for 2 paddleboards.  Great for hauls to the beach, river, lake, with beefy wheels that don't bog down and lock up under the weight of 2 boards.
  • At home, slip off the wheels, slide on the floor supports and you have simple, compact board storage for the garage, basement or backyard shed.
  • $169.99! Take it from me (the guy trying to sell this thing!), that's a good price.
Anyway, this SUP rack/cart combo sells pretty well.  People like it (5 Star Reviews across the board) and it's versatile!

Now, we do have listings for both the SUP dolly only and the SUP rack only (no wheels).  Find them here:

These two products absolutely fly off the shelves.  In fact, I'm not even sure we shelve them anymore.  Which is fantastic for all involved; great for customers (excellent reviews again) and good for keeping the lights on at StoreYourBoard.

But here's the curious part. Both the 2 SUP Carrier ($119.99) and the 2 SUP Stand ($119.99) sell many times better than the versatile 2 Paddleboard Cart and Stand Combo ($169.99).  For the price difference that really stood out to me.  Interesting, no?

I'll leave you with this.  Buy what you want and what works for you.  If you're never going to haul a dolly, what'd you need wheels for?  Same goes for the opposite way around.  But if a combo makes sense, then a little awareness helps, and this was it.

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Mission of Great Importance: Design Your Own MultiSport Rack

It all began about a year ago with an all-out-build-out of the Stainless Steel SUP and Kayak Rack.  At the time we were scratching our heads a bit at the sharp increase in customer service inquiries along the lines of:

 "I have 3 kayaks and 2 SUPs...what rack would you recommend?"


Recognizing that a "buy 2 of these and 1 of these" answer just wasn't cutting it, we turned toward finding a solution.  Which didn't take long; the answer was sitting right in front of us. Several of the racks already carried were capable of customization and multi-sport storage.  Some were even designed for it.

But what we weren't doing--what no one else was or currently is doing!--was translating the ease of customization to all you good folks, our customers.  Sure, you could customize a rack for your needs, but it probably required several phone calls, a bunch of back and forth about measurements, worries about weights and finally some "sounds great, but you said HOW MUCH?!"

For those reasons, a la carte rack build outs were something of a futile internet exercise.  E-commerce is all about ease of purchase and these racks were anything but.

So we set out to right the wrongs.  And frankly we figured out why no one else is offering custom built, instantly priced, freestanding, multi-sport racks.  The listings take a MASSIVE amount of sweat equity to account for all the varying configurations.  But we powered through and are now incredibly satisfied to offer several of our bestselling freestanding SUP, Surf & Kayak racks as truly customizable solutions.

 THE ORIGINAL - What started it all....
Yes, it all started with the Stainless Steel SUP and Kayak Rack, but it didn't end there!  So without further adieu, have a look.  For indoor/outdoor storage of 2-10 watercraft of any assortment they're hard to beat.

                               THE ORIGINAL ON STEROIDS - Ya, 2X sided for 10 watercraft 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ultimate Wakesurfing Boat

I don't want to be misleading, so I'll tell you right off the bat that this post isn't about the boat itself.  Fact is, from Malibu to Moomba, Nautique, Mastercraft, Supra and others, you don't have to look very hard to find an exceptional wake or ski boat.  

Instead this post is about the relatively new-to-market Delta WakeSurf Shaper.  Of course we carry it, so if you're one who prefers to cut to the chase, hop through this link.  But if you're curious as to why I've chosen to dedicate a post to the "Shaper", and you're interested as to how I'll spin a $400 accessory as an incredible bargain, well then, read on.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Leave the Car Behind

As far as I'm concerned there are only two ways to camp.  There's "car camping" and then there's "camping".  Throw something like "glamping" in if you insist, but then you're not really speaking my language.

I like car camping for the "get-away-quick-don't-worry-about-weather-or-forgetting-a-few-things" aspect.  It's simple.  Just throw a tent and some sleeping bags in the trunk, buy some beer and cheap food and go sit around a campfire in a nice, woodsy setting.  If you're like me, you'll bring way too much, but with your car right there to absorb it all, all the extras don't really matter.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Summer's Rolling In

It was only last week when I finally got around to dusting off the trusty Fuji Touring after a long winter.  A little air in the tires, new saddle, new bar tape and she was ready to roll.  

I bounced back nearly as quickly, peeling off a solid 18 miles before the road ran out at driveway's edge.  All in all, not a bad first showing here in late spring.  

I suppose I was halfway through the ride when three or four hulking RV's went rumbling by, heading for the coast and bluer waters.  A couple towed boats and were carrying bikes, kayaks and maybe a surfboard or two.  There were the usual jerry-rigged nylon ropes, but I was happy to witness an RV bike rack in use.  

If that land flotilla didn't signal the near arrival of summer I don't know what will.  At the very least it was a reminder that the days are longer, the bikes are out, and the mass transit of our favorite outdoor conveyances is picking up.