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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why You Need a Tower for Your Boat | Wakeboard Boat Towers (Part 1)

Why do I need a tower for my wakeboard boat?

Wakeboard towers might seem like an expensive add-on for your boat. Why should you pay $700+ for something that is just going to hold your rope a little higher? This is a perfectly reasonable thought to have - until you've owned one. Once you've spent a season out on the water with a wakeboard boat tower, then you'll understand the need for one.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Surfboard Travel Bags for Surf Trips | Coffins for Multiple Boards (2 of 2)

For multi surfboard surf trips, a durable surf travel coffin is the best option for your surf cover. Ocean and Earth is a big name in surf bags and for good reason; they've put together a line of surf coffins that have all the features you look for in a surfboard bag:

surfboard bags for travel

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Surfboard Travel Bags for Surf Trips | Coffins for Multiple Boards (1 of 2)

Got a big surf trip coming up? Whether it's by car, plane or train, the right surfboard bag plays a huge role in the success of your strike mission. Nothing ruins the stoke at your destination quicker than unpacking your bag and realizing your surfboard (or boards) are dinged or cracked (although if it's flat, that kills the stoke pretty quickly too). In that situation, you've got to get your hands on some quick-cure ding repair, a rental board, or a DIY duct tape temporary solution. None of those are a great way to start your trip.

surf bags in hawaii

Monday, March 21, 2016

Paddleboard Boat Racks | Rail Mount and Rod Mount SUP Boat Racks

You're not alone if you're getting your boat out of offseason storage and ready to cruise again. With spring approaching everyone is starting to think about getting out on the water be it by boat or by paddleboard - or by both! Taking your SUP with you on your boat opens up so many new places to explore. But paddleboards take up so much space stowed in your boat, whether it's a huge yacht to a small sailboat. That's why we've got a number of different SUP boat racks to maximize your boat's space while taking along your paddleboard.

sup boat rack

Friday, March 18, 2016

SUP Travel Tips | Loading Multiple Paddleboards on Car Roof Racks

paddleboard roof racksWhen you’re heading out with a couple of your friends and need to stack multiple paddleboards on the roof of your car, one on top of the other, a few more issues come into play for you need to think about.
Biggest paddleboard on the bottom. I’m no engineer but common sense says that the biggest paddleboard goes at the bottom of the stack of SUPs because it provides the best foundation / stability.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SUP Travel Tips | What Direction Does My Paddleboard Go on My Car?

paddleboard car rack loadingIt's a common question - what way should my paddleboard go on top of my car? Of course, cars and paddleboards and other variables will impact how exactly you load your sup, but below are our tips on how to strap up your paddleboard to your sup car roof rack: 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

SUP Travel Tips | How to Strap Your Paddleboard to your Car Roof Rack

paddleboard car roof rack straps
What is the right way to secure your paddleboard to your car roof rack?
For cars with roof rack bars, it’s all about feeding the straps around the bars and your paddleboard in the right direction for max security. You’ll have 2 straps, one in front and one in back. Start with the clamp end of the first strap on the outside of the board, underneath the roof rack bar. Run the strap across the top width of the paddleboard to the other side of the board, underneath the rack bar, and back along the width of the board. There it will meet the clamp end and you will tighten appropriately. Tie off the excess strap and give your paddleboard and the straps a couple of pulls to make sure nothing is loose.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Paddleboard Travel Tips | SUP Roof Rack Car Setup and Installation

paddleboard car rackBefore you can load your paddleboard to your roof rack for your next SUP adventure, you have secure your SUP roof rack to your car. Because of the different types of roof racks, each will be attached differently, but it's important to install properly. For rack pads, velcro them on your roof rack bars tightly. For straps, clamp them down tightly and check them for any worn or weak spots. For more specialty paddleboard racks, follow the instructions and make sure they fit properly with your car. After you’ve installed the rack, do a quick post-inspection so you really know that everything is snug and secure. You don’t want to lose a paddleboard because you were in a rush and forgot to attach a part of your rack.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Paddleboard Travel Tips | Preparing Your SUP for Car Roof Racks

Once you've figured out what type of sup roof rack you need for your car, you're one step closer to strapping up your paddleboard. But there are still some maintenance items to take care of on your paddleboard before you throw it on your roof.

paddleboard roof rack

Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Choose a Paddleboard Roof Rack for Your Car | Best SUP Car Roof Racks

paddleboard car rackThere are lots of different types of paddleboard roof racks to choose from and there are a variety of price points in the roof rack market. Some are simple and affordable paddleboard roof racks, while others have more bells and whistles to strap up your SUP. In picking out your paddleboard roof rack, think about what will be the easiest rack for you to use that will fit your budget, your paddleboard and your method of transportation. With that in mind, the biggest question in picking out the proper roof rack for your paddleboard is whether your car has rack bars on its roof.