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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BIKE HANGER | New Rack |

Bike Hanger

Check out our newest bike rack.  This Bike Hanger is a simple and effective way to hang and store your bikes.  I know most people have a bike and many people don't even think about getting a rack to put them in when they aren't being used.  For under $10, why not get a few of these and organize your house and garage?  They are very easy to install and do a nice job of clearing off floor space.

Buy yours today!

Happy Halloween from

Happy Halloween!

Here is my best rendition of the StoreYourBoard Scorpion carved in a pumpkin!  Not bad for an amateur pumpkin carver....

I hope you enjoy the festivities of Halloween and don't eat too much candy.  With Halloween upon us that means that the Holiday Season 2012 is fast on its heels.  While you are making your shopping list this year give a StoreYourBoard rack a consideration for that unique gift that will be used for many years!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

East Coast Surfing Sandy in Ocean City, Maryland

More unreal shots of surfing yesterday in ocean city, maryland.  Looks like they got some huge ones but also took some on the head!  Wow!  

Photo credits to Nick Denny - 

look out below!

frankenwave from the frankenstorm

duck dive?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Takes the East Coast by STORM!

Hurricane Sandy has taken the east coast by STORM!!!  If you need some proof, check out the pictures below taken from the Ocean City, Maryland surf cam at different points throughout the day.  Also, check out the unreal wave caught at 144th street in OCMD, above.  We're expecting to get a video up soon!

8:31 a.m
11:48 a.m.
1:06 p.m.
3:57 p.m.

4:13 p.m.

Season Review: Tyler Nelson

Congratulations to StoreYourBoard team rider Tyler Nelson for completing a successful summer wakeboard season with a second place finish in the Advanced Division at the Aqua East Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, fighting through a high ankle sprain in the process.  

Check out Tyler, far right, sporting the StoreYourBoard hat!
Tyler also was spent much of the season competing on the Gravel Tour at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando, Florida.  Tyler also had great finishes in those competitions too.  Because Tyler lives in Florida, there is no real "offseason" for wakeboarding, and he doesn't have any mountains to ski/snowboard, so he will be wakeboarding year-round.  For the next summer season, Tyler plans to return to the Gravel Tour and work on dominating that competition!  We are proud to have Tyler a part of the StoreYourBoard team!

Tyler, once again, great finish man!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hockey Stick Rack | New Rack |

Even though the NHL is in lockout mode, just like every professional league seems to be doing these days (thats another post!) you should still be playing hockey.

Now StoreYourBoard also has a rack to help you out - our Hockey Stick Rack.  This hockey stick rack is very simple but extremely functional.  This hockey stick rack can hold up to 15 sticks plus you can hang your skates as well.  Depending on how full you stack it with rack there would probably be room to stick you gloves over one of the rungs to let them dry out a bit.

Instead of trying to line up you sticks against the wall, jam them all in the corner closet, or just lay them on the floor, get yourself a hockey stick rack to properly store all those sticks.  I know most sticks are very durable and can take a lot of abuse, but give that abuse on the rink and not in your house!

Whether you have a hockey playing family with a lot of sticks or you have accumulated quite the collection, this hockey stick storage rack makes it easy to neatly organize and store them all.

This rack is also a true multi-purpose rack.  It is great to store many other things around  the house like skateboards, snowboards, skis, long handled garden tools, and many others.  So if you just have a few sticks get this rack, use the first rung for your sticks and then fill the other rung with your other boards around the house.  An organized house is a HAPPY HOUSE!

Let us know what you think about our new hockey stick storage rack.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Words of Wisdom for the Upcoming Ski and Snowboarding Season

Today I am here to give all of you a lecture my mom always gives me whenever I do, well, anything: “Be smart and be safe.” When I was a teenager, my response was to roll my eyes at her, but now that I am “mature,” I always consider her words.

I know a few people who have sustained serious injuries from snowboarding and skiing. Some of the injuries may have been accidental due to a beginner’s mistake or biting off more you can chew, but others were from goofing around on the slopes. We snowboard and ski because it is a fun activity that we enjoy; there’s a rush as the wind burns your face as you carve down the powdery mountain. However, you have to keep in mind that snowboarding and skiing is dangerous, in fact sometimes deadly. A boy that went to a neighboring high school back home was enjoying a great night session at the nearest mountain skiing when he took a turn too quickly and met his death far too early. I will never forget seeing a girl I worked with, who was best friends with him, crying and mourning his death in the dining room before we opened that night.  Another guy I go to college with, his name is Johnny, is now wheelchair bound because of a bad landing while attempting a snowboarding trick. Johnny had a full scholarship to play soccer at our university, but injured himself his senior year of high school.

These few examples are why I cannot stress enough to be smart and safe during the upcoming season. Don’t worry about looking stupid and wear protective gear such as wrist guards, a helmet, and butt pads.  Feel free to share your mountain horror stories with the StoreYourBoard team to help encourage safe riding!

Ride On,

Monday, October 22, 2012

TGR Dream Factory | Get Pumped for Ski Season

Check out the new ski film from Teton Gravity Research (TGR) - Dream Factory.  If this doesn't get you pumped up you might want to check to make sure you still have a pulse!

Who all has been to Alaska skiing or snowboarding?  I am super jealous!  Someday I plan to make it out there, it looks crazy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Snowboard Wall Rack | Customer Photos

With the start of the first ski resort opening it is time to break out the snowboards and skis!  I know I am ready to get back on the slopes and feel the powder (I might have to wait awhile yet for the powder!).  Hopefully over the off season you did the smart thing and stored your gear in a snowboard rack or ski rack.  Here is one of our customer storing and display 4 snowboards all up against the wall and out of the way.  

Get your own snowboard rack here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Enjoy the Leaves | Go for a Bike Ride

Fall is in the air.  The crisp cool mornings here in Virginia along with the beautiful color changing leaves means summer has drawn to an end and fall is officially here.  Instead of being bummed the summer surfing, wakeboarding, SUP season is over get out there and enjoy the fall weather.

A great way to get out there is go for a BIKE RIDE!  Tour the scenic trees on your pedaled powered bike for an up close and personal viewing and some exercise along with it!

Here on the East Coast I know the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the best places to see nature's colored beauty.  Whether it is just a ride around town or a weekend bike trip, this sure is  a great time of the year to enjoy the outdoors or your bike.

Where is the most scenic pace you ride in the fall?  Let us know!

In case bike riding is not for you......Winter is fast on its tail so get those skis and snowboards tuned up and ready to rock!  I hear A-basin opened today!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sports Equipment Garage Storage Rack | NEW RACK |

We have another new rack to help store and organize your life!  This one is a bit of a new category for StoreYourBoard but we think you will really benefit.

As you can see this is basically the do it all sports storage rack.  For either yourself or your kids I am sure you can fill this rack up and notice a much more organized house or garage!  When I look at I know I have pretty much all the gear in the photo above but scattered around the house.  This rack makes sense to easily have everything organized in one place.

The other great thing is this rack is FREE-STANDING meaning you don't have to attach it to the wall.  I know a lot of StoreYourboard customers really like the freestanding racks because they are just so easy to use and if you need to move them you just pick them up and move them all while not having to drill any holes into your nice walls.

Check it out today and pick one up to organize your house:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Snowboarding | Some Tips For Beginners

The season is changing and powder season is right around the corner! I know some of you water-sport lovers are disappointed since winter means no more glassy sessions, but fulfill your board sport need by picking up SNOWBOARDING! Don’t know how? Try some of these tips for beginner snowboarders.

What you’ll need:
Snowboarding boots
Snowboarding pants
Snowboarding jacket
Goggles (because everyone loves a sick goggle                 tan)

Wear protective gear! Learning to snowboard is no easy task and falling is a HUGE part of the learning process. I recommend wearing butt pads (you’ll thank me later), wrist guards and a helmet. Don’t worry about looking cool or goofy; you’ll fit right in.

Sign up for lessons. This is probably the most efficient way to learn the basic techniques of snowboarding. The instructors are seasoned riders and will take the time to teach students how to fall properly (because it will happen), stand, move, heel and toe turns, carve—everything a snowboarder needs to know to have a successful run. Lessons are also given at different stages. So if you’re not a beginner but feeling a little rusty try an intermediate level to get back in the swing of things.

“Skat Around” Before taking on the slopes, start with only one foot being buckled into the snowboard and the other out free. This is a great way to test your balance and get the feeling of snowboarding by practicing on flat areas without being locked in to the board.

Start at the bunny hill. TRUST ME. When I first learned to snowboard way back when, my now brother-in-law was gracious enough to teach me the basics of snowboarding. Little did we know that the bunny hill was located on the other side of the mountain and the only way to get there was by snowboarding down a beginner trail. With a few pointers as to how to try to stay balanced, he took off down the trail and I tried to follow. Needless to say, I had a rough go of it and ended up walking half of it; therefore the bunny hill is your best option.

The best way to learn is by doing; the more you ride the slopes and keep getting up after you fall the more you will learn. Snowboarding isn’t easy and it can be frustrating if you don’t naturally pick it up, but the rewards and rush you have riding down the mountain is one of the best feelings. So if you feel like you’re struggling, just keep trying because it will be worth it in the end.

For more tips on learning how to snowboard, check out
Ride On,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bike Wall Storage Rack | NEW RACK |

Check out our latest edition to our large selection of Bike Racks:

This bike wall storage rack is a great option for an apartment or your garage.  It will keep your bikes properly stored and also tightly against the wall. It has adjustable bike cradles so you can store almost any type of bike.  Check it out today on our website:

Check back often for more new racks and accessories from

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Season Review: Jonathan Plotz

Congratulations to StoreYourBoard team rider Jonathan Plotz for winning his division in the North Carolina INT League this summer.  Jonathan placed first in 4 of the 5 event stops to take the wakeboard advanced title.

The INT League has competitions all over the country.  States include Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon and Texas, among other.  Jonathan competed in North Carolina at Mebane Lake, Mayo Lake, Newsome Lake and Clear Lake.

We are pumped that Jonathan did so well this summer on the wakeboard circuit, but now Jonathan is looking forward to the winter events that he has coming up.  He is pysched to get out on the mountain and get snowboarding!  That is something to look forward to with the summer now over...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Garage Ceiling Storage Rack | NEW RACK |

We just added a new rack to that we think you will find really useful.  It is a Garage Ceiling Storage Rack that uses a pulley system to easily raise and lower from the ceiling to the floor.

I know you are probably thinking, aren't you just a rack company for boards?  Well when we talk with our customers, many always tell us how happy they are to have their boards well organized and stored properly.  We know you have more stuff than just boards so we figured why not offer some other great racks that will help effectively store your other stuff!  We think it is for the best!

Check it out on our website and let us know what you think: 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Famous Snowboarders | Those who Live, Breathe, and Bleed Snowboarding

With snowboarding success increasing in recent years, many riders have emerged to make an impact on the sport.  From creating a business that started it all to breaking records and taking on Mother Nature’s risky terrain, these are the boarders who are showing up and taking names.

Jake Burton Carpenter – It wouldn’t be right 
to start a list of famous snowboarders without the man who started it all: Jake Burton Carpenter.  Born April 29, 1954, Burton is known for his creation of Burton Snowboards in 1977.  However, before his legacy, Burton was riding around on the equivalent to a snowboard called the “snurfer.”  The snurfer consisted of a 6” 15 cm wide board with no bindings or edges.  After college is when Burton decided that he wanted to design and create snowboards, starting Burton Snowboards.  Branching out to Austria and Japan gave Burton Snowboards the push it needed to be successful.  Success continued at the 2002 Winter Olympics where three Burton riders placed: Kelly Clark and Ross Powers with gold, and Chris Klung who won the bronze.  Today, Burton Snowboards is the snowboarding brand out there and sponsors numerous successful pro-snowboarders.

Shaun White – Also known as The Flying Tomato, White is an icon for today’s snowboarding generation.  He was born September 3, 1986 and began snowboarding at the age of six.  Soon after, White signed with Burton snowboards.  He is one of the best snowboarders in Winter X Games history winning the most gold (12) and overall (17) medals.  Consistently breaking records, his latest was at the Winter X Games in Aspen, where White scored a perfect 100 with his back-to-back double cork 1260s in the SuperPipe 5-peat.  Not only is he a pro-snowboarder, Shaun White is an active pro-skateboarder.

Louie Vito – Born March 20, 1988, Louie Vito was part of the lucky few who could attend school and snowboard everyday while he studied at Stratton Mountain School.  At the age of 17, Vito made a name for himself for being the first rider to complete a complex move at an Australian competition with his backslide 1080 at the Australian Open.  Vito has placed in most, if not all, of his competitions during his pro-career and is presently the reigning Winter Dew Tour Overall Champion.  When he isn’t winning medals, Vito gives back with his philanthropy, “Louie Vito Rail Jam,” which provides children with mentoring, competing without a fee, and outfits from his best snowboarding gear.

Travis Rice – Considered snowboarding’s best overall rider in the world by numerous sportswriters, Rice is a triple threat to his competitors.  Born October 9, 1982, Rice went pro at the age of 18 when he entered Snowboarder Magazine’s “Superpark” without a sponsor.  He shocked the audience and fellow snowboarders with his backside rodeo off a 110 ft gap jump.  Not only winning titles in big air at competitions, Rice is known for his tricks and slopestyle.  Rice not only competes, but also has a huge influence and stars in movies such as Redbull and Quicksilver’s That’s It, That’s All and The Art of Flight.

John Jackson – Born October 13, 1983, John Jackson is one of the best backcountry snowboarders out there.  He has won multiple Rider of the Year awards from Transworld and has recently joined the Burton Snowboards team.  Jackson is known mainly for his many video parts that catch him shredding down mountaintops and dangerous terrain most people avoid.  Like Rice, Jackson is also part of the films That’s It, That’s All and The Art of Flight.

Pat Moore – Joining the backwoods riding club is Pat Moore.  Born November 15, 1986, Moore is also an avid backcountry and park rider facing the dangerous slopes as if they are riding the bunny hill. Joining Jackson and Rice, Moore also showed his skills in the films That’s It, That’s All and The Art of Flight.  In addition, he was part of the eight riders that shot videos for the Winter X-Games Real Snow competition.

Scotty Lago – Born November 2, 1987 Scotty Lago earned notoriety in the 2010 Winter Olympics when he won the bronze medal along side of teammate Shaun White in the men’s snowboard halfpipe.  Not only excelling in the halfpipe, Lago is known for his skills in slopestyle and backcountry as well. Even though he was suffering from a broken jaw due to an accident while filming a backcountry run, Lago still competed in the 2011 Winter X Games and not only had a spectacular run on the SuperPipe but also won gold for Best Method.

And let’s not forget the ladies…

Gretchen Bleiler – Born April 10, 1981, Gretchen Bleiler grew up in Aspen, Colorado where she fueled her love of snowboarding which eventually got her to the 2006 Olympics in Italy where she placed second, as well as the 2010 Olympics in Canada.  She also took first place in the 2010 Winter X Games.  An activist for the Women’s Sports Foundation, Bleiler created, along with Aspen/Snowmass, “Snow Angels Invitational,” an all-girl’s halfpipe competition and photo shoot.

Kelly Clark – Making a name for herself in women’s snowboarding, Kelly Clark, born July 26, 1983, was the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic team when she won the gold medal for her Halfpipe run at the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Paving the way for women snowboard riders, Clark’s perseverance helped her place again in the 2010 Winter Olympics with the bronze.  Continuing her ride, in 2011 Clark was the first woman to land a 1080 on the halfpipe. Her efforts continued in 2012 with winning gold in the women’s halfpipe at both the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado and the European X Games.

Ride On,