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Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 10 Surf Gifts

If you follow the blog, you know I recently went over How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Gift.  If you still can't think of a good idea, today I am going to start offering some suggestions for different board sports and what better sport to start with than SURFING!

If you need to get a gift for the Surfer in your life here is the list you need. Any of these gift should excite a surfer but you should try to monitor what they currently have and anything they have been recently talking about to get the BEST Surfing Gift.
Stocking Stuffers:
10). Surfboard Wax - This is the practical gift for any surfer. It is small and cheap so it makes the perfect stocking stuffer.
9). Surfing DVD - Try a new release or pickup a classic. These should satisfy the surfer need even when they can't go out and ride the waves.
Larger Gifts
8). Rash Guard - Solid gift, useful yet personal. Get a new style or color if they already have one.
7). Surfboard Wall Storage Rack- It is tough to find a good place to keep and store your board when they aren't out in the ocean. Do them a favor and get them a surfboard rack to properly store their board(s) and also organize their house.
6). Bodyboard - I know these are Surfers - BUT the ocean doesn't always cooperate and produce surfable waves especially if you don't live nearby a consistent break. A bodyboard is a great way to get out in the ocean and ride the shore break or other waves that are not ideal for surfboards.
5). Surfboard Car/Truck Rack - If they are just getting into surfing or want to take their surfboards to some breaks you need to drive to a surfboard car rack is essential. There are many different types and styles, get one that fits their ride and your budget.
4). Surfboard Bag - Pretty much all surfers need a board bag. Most surfers have multiple bags. Obviously if they travel with their boards they need a board bag. Also just to store your board if it convenient to use a surfboard bag to keep the dust and dirt away and provide a little protection from dings and scrapes.
3). Wetsuit - If they don't have a wetsuit they need one PERIOD (with the small exception of some tropical islanders). Having a wetsuit makes it more comfortable to surf in many locations and also extends your season. Also if they already have one, chances are they could use a different one for different conditions. Whether it be a heavy full suit for winter surfing or a spring suit to enjoy the surfing shoulder season.
2). Surfboard - Please be cautioned - you need to know the surfer extremely well before you buy them a board. If you know what they want then make sure to get the exact boards. Surfers are particular about their boards so don't just go get a random surfboard. If you are buying a beginner board to get into surfing than talk with a surf shop and they can point you in the right direction.
1). Surfing Destination Trip - The #1 Best Gift for a Surfer is a Destination Trip. You cannot beat a surf trip down to Indo or the Gold Coast. This would be an unforgettable experience and something they might even share with you.
Good luck with your choice...all of these are good options for the true Surfer.

What was you favorite surfing gift?  Post a comment and let us know.  Help us add to the list!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Overton's Wakeboard Storage and Display Racks

It's official! You can now buy racks at Overton's retail stores.  We have teamed up with Overton's, the leading retailer of watersports boating gear, to offer wakeboard storage and display racks.

Overton's Claw Wakeboard Rack

The wakeboard racks feature the signature Overton's "O" and full logo.  As of now they are only available at the Overton's retail stores in Greenville NC and Raleigh NC.  If you are in the area, go check them out.  If you are elsewhere in the country check out StoreYourBoard's selection of wakeboard racks.  We are also working with Overton's to distribute our racks on their website and mail order catalog as well so you may have more options soon.

Overton's Wakeboard Upright Logo Rack

Let us know what you think of the new racks.

Do you own a wakeboard website or shop? Want to carry StoreYourBoard's line of wakeboard racks?  We are looking for more partners to work with.  Contact StoreYourBoard

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Christmas Gifts | How to Pick the Perfect Gift

The Holiday / Christmas shopping season is quickly approaching if it isn't here already.  For me the holidays are always an exciting time (both personally and for my business) but it always seems to sneak up on me so quickly.  It was just Halloween and now it is Christmas NOW.

As you know the holidays are not and should not be all about gifts, shopping, and presents.  So although I am the owner of an eCommerce store I would urge you to make sure you take the time with Friends and Family this holiday season and not get too caught up in the shopping scene.

As I say that, almost everyone does like to give and receive a thoughtful gift during the holiday season.  So how do you buy a GREAT Gift?  Giving a great gift is a very rewarding experience.    We all have given the gift we "have" to give, whether it be to your co-workers or social group secret Santa, but I am referring to giving a great gift.  A Great Gift is the gift you have spent the time and effort to really understand what would make they day of that special person in your life. 

What's Your Perfect Gift?

How do you find the Perfect Gift?

The key to finding the perfect gift is really understanding the person you are buying a gift for.  Yeah you could go with whatever the cool or hip gift of the year is but to me the best gifts I have ever received are unique, well thought out gifts that often times turned out to be things I wasn't even actively wanting or looking for.

Thing to help you find the perfect gift:

  1. LISTEN - If you really listen to the person they will give you ideas for what they want. 
  2. Passion - What is the person's true passion?  What gets them excited more than anything else?  This is a great area to look for gifts related to.
  3. Experiences - Instead of a tangible gift, some of the best presents are experiences.  Whether it be an awesome trip around the world or just a special dinner often times experiences are much more rewarding and memorable than a tangible gift.
  4. Handmade - Something you make or create is something you can't buy anywhere else and is something that can become truly memorable.

Hopefully these tips get you thinking about great gifts for the holiday season.  If you have a boarder you are looking for - board racks and accessories make a great gift.

If you are still stuck I am going to be posting a series of board sport specific gift ideas in the coming weeks so check back for more ideas on gifts and stocking stuffers.

Surf Gifts | Ski Gifts | Snowboard Gifts | Skateboard Gifts | Wakeboard Gifts | SUP Gifts

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ski Storage | Why You Can't and Shouldn't Live Without It

What is Ski Storage?  In simple terms ski storage is what you do with you skis when you are not actively using them.  So if you aren't out on the mountain riding through waist deep powder or arcing your skis down a perfect are most likely not using your skis so they are therefore in "storage".  Unfortunately for most of us our skis spend a lot more time in storage than on our feet.

Does this remind you of your garage?

The term Ski Storage would be used very loosely when you talk to most people.  Ask the average skier where they store their skis and they will first probably look at you funny and once you ask more specifically, where are your skis when you are not using them, the typical answer would be "in my garage" "in the basement" "in the closet".  If you probe further, "in" these places typically means shoved in a corner where ever there is room. Specifically this is typically a corner because - well have you ever tried to lean your skis on a flat wall?  Try leaning a pair of skis on a wall and over 50% of the time they are going to slip and come crashing down.

I know when you got your new ski setup you were totally psyched to try them out and rip it up out on the slopes.  It probably never crossed your mind - so now I bought this nice shinny new set of skis, what am I going to do with them when I get home?  What you should do is put them in a Ski Storage Rack.  A well designed ski rack will properly store your skis for you.  If you know anything about StoreYourBoard, you know we have all kind of board racks and we just happen to have the industry leading selection of ski racks for your home, garage, office, etc.

Head on over to the website and check out some of the ski racks available.  We have ski racks that hold up to 8 pairs for the family of skiers, we have economical ski racks for under $20, we have solid Oak ski racks, we have innovative adjustable metal ski racks, and many more.

I am sure (or at least hope) you can see how useful a proper ski storage rack would be, especially if you have more than one set of skis.  Conveniently organizing all your ski gear (don't forget all those poles) in one place is a big space saver and goes a long way in keeping your house organized.  Having a designated place to securely hold your gear after you are done skiing is why many customer send in their photos and comments stating "I don't know what I did before I got this ski rack(s)"  Do yourself a favor and get a ski rack this season to properly store and organize your skis this winter, into the off-season, and for many winters to come.

I don't think it is quite time to break out the snorkels to get through the cold smoke this season but we can start dreaming and just barely still feel those perfect powder runs from last year.....

Here's to a GREAT Ski Season in 2011-2012!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Win a FREE StoreYourBoard Hat!

It is getting very close to the official start of the holiday season (Black Friday) but I figured we would get in the giving mood a bit early and give out a FREE Hat.

All you have to do is head over to our Facebook Page and post a comment on what you want for Christmas!  Who doesn't love FREE stuff?  So go over there NOW and tell us what you want.  Why not LIKE us as well and tell your friends.....that can be your Christmas present to us (you are so thoughtful!) Facebook

Check back with me soon because I going to be doing some posts on what to get that boarder in your like for Christmas...

Did you enter to win yet?   What are you waiting for...... StoreYourBoard on Facebook 

Friday, November 4, 2011

New Way To Run?

Unfortunately I can't be out on my wakeboard or on the ski slope or at the beach surfing so I do spend some time running.  I used hate just running because where is the fun there?  Now I can appreciate getting outside and going for a run to blow off some steam and enjoy nature.

I am sure as anyone who has ever run consistently knows, sooner or later it seems like every runner begins develop an injury.  This is the absolute worst for me because if I get injured running and I can't ski for the winter I would be so mad!  The most recent experience for me was when I was training for a half marathon and once I started putting more and more miles on - consistent 10 mile runs and so on - I developed the dreaded IT Band problems.  It started hurting every time I ran, even just a mile, and it is one of those injuries that you really just need to rest and stop doing the motion (running) that caused it to happen.  Needless to say I had to drop out of the race.

So why am I telling you this on a board sport blog?  Well I know a lot of people into board sports are very athletic and running is one of the most basic forms of fitness.  But I also know that you want to be in top shape and condition for your sport, whether that be skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, or anything else.  This means you can NOT get injured running!

I read a very interesting article a couple days ago : The Once and Future Way to Run .  It talks about how in the time of the Indians and early tribes everyone ran every day as a means of getting around and it was common to run 50, 100 miles without any problems.  So how can they do it and yet 79% (not a typo!) of runners every year will suffer an injury.  A lot of it goes back to mechanics of running and as odd as it may sound, the super cushioned and supported shoes of today are actually causing us to RUN WRONG.  Take a look and see what you think.  It goes along with the whole barefoot running movement but I think they are actually onto something.

What do you think?  Is there a "better" way to run?  Has it helped you?