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Racks and Accessories to Organize, Store, and Display Your Boards & Gear

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SUP Racks for Boats | Paddleboard Fishing and Pontoon Boat Storage Racks

If you're looking to take your paddleboards along with you while you cruise around in your fishing boat or pontoon boat, you definitely need to check out our paddleboard boat racks.  These racks will ensure that your SUPs are secure until you reach your out at sea, lake, bay or river destination for your paddleboard adventures.
paddleboard boat racks

Friday, March 20, 2015

SUP Safety Accessories: Life Jackets and Waterproof Packs and Vests

For the upcoming spring and summer season out on the water, make sure you've got the right safety gear and accessories for your paddleboarding adventures.

Check out more paddleboard accessories at our site - 3 are featured below:

Paddleboard Accessories

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SUP Ceiling Storage | 4 Point Overhead Hoist for Paddleboards

Here's a new option to put your overhead storage space to good use and protect your paddleboard from the dings it inevitably picks up sitting around in your garage.

paddleboard storage hoist

Monday, March 16, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Cinch - The Simple Snowboard Wall Mount

The Cinch is an ultra-affordable way to store and display your snowboard. The Cinch is also probably the easiest snowboard wall mount to install requiring only two wood screws! If you’re on a budget, but want a cool and convenient way to show off your shred stick, then the Cinch has got your covered.

The Cinch works by taking advantage of the hourglass shape of your snowboard - narrow in the middle and wider at the tips and tails. The Cinch uses two abrasion-resistant SBR rubber bumpers to hold your board in place. By spacing the bumpers such that they are wide enough to get the center (narrow) part of your board through, but narrow enough that the tips and tails (wide) part of your board can’t get through, it effectively “cinches” the board in place! This makes taking your board in and out of the rack super easy - you basically just let gravity do all the work.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tips to Buying a Used Snowboard | Online, EBay and Craigslist

used snowboardsIt just happened. You were looking around at a thrift store, yard sale, craigslist, or wherever, and the perfect looking snowboard shows up (although this advice applies to skis, surfboards, bikes, etc.). It’s half the price of anything you’ve ever considered buying and you are ready to drop down some cash - should you be so quick to do it? 

Buying used equipment is a great way to pick up some very nice stuff for very little cash. Many will say that you never really know how much something was used (or abused) before you bought it, but if you have some patience you will come up with something eventually. It may take time, but it is worth it. Also, never be afraid to make an offer. Even if the owner isn’t looking to sell, a reasonable offer may change their mind.

Below, we’ll share a few tips for when you are looking at a used board.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Skateboard Display and Wall Storage Rack: Customer Photos

Here are some of the recent photos submitted by our fans of their skateboard racks in action storing skateboards, helmets and skateboard accessories in their house or garage or bedroom.  The racks are great not only for storage but also for decoration, art and showing off you favorite skateboards!

skateboard display rack
instagram: @thecyanaura