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Sunday, July 29, 2012

StoreYourBoard does the Firefly Music Festival!

This past weekend, StoreYourBoard trekked up to Dover, Delaware for the inaugural Firefly Music Festival.  Firefly was held on the grounds of the Dover International Speedway, which hosts an annual Nascar race, so the site was primed for hosting a huge group of people.  And the site didn't disappoint.  From the tons of tents and camping spaces, to the 4 stages with constant performances, to the Dogfish Head Brewery on site, the place had it all.  The weather looked like it could rain to put a damper on the weekend, but the rain held off but also kept it less than the 90+ temps that have been hitting the east coast this summer.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor festival.

Here is a picture of our camp set up, repping the USA:

Here we are entering the grounds for the first time on Friday night.  Can't wait for the 2013 festival already...

Modest Mouse getting ready to rock on Saturday afternoon:

This is from Apartment by Young the Giant.  My Body was definitely their best song of the set - the place was bumping!

The Killers know how to put on a show! Played all their hits, dumped confetti, shot off fireworks, did it all!

Yes, that is the lead singer from the Flaming Lips inside that blow up ball rolling around on top of the crowd.  Not even the craziest thing they did either.

We went to more shows and took more pictures and videos but there are beyond too many to post.  It's almost unfair not to mention the other shows we saw including The Black Keys, Girl Talk, Group Love, The Silversun Pickups, Death Cab, Tinie Tempah, J Roddy Ralston and the Business, and the Imagine Dragons.  If you didn't make it to Dover this past weekend, you missed an unreal set of shows.  But there is always next year.  We will be there again for sure.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Skateboard Parts | Anatomy 101: The Skateboard and Its Parts

No, a skateboard is not just a board on wheels.  Like most things in life, it is composed of various parts that allow it to move.  So for all those inexperienced riders out there that don’t know much about skateboards, here is a list breaking down each vital element of the board.

Deck – The deck is the actual board part of the skateboard.  The skateboarder’s height is crucial to finding the right deck size.  If you are on the shorter size, 4’ and under, try a deck that is 29” long.  If you are 6’ and above, try a deck that is 32.4” long.  Riders who are in the middle of those heights choose accordingly, if you are closer to 4’ choose a deck that is longer than 29” but shorter than 32.4”.  The width of most skateboards is between seven and eight inches, but if you are blessed with larger feet choose a bigger size.  The last, and best, part of a skateboard deck is the graphic.  Have fun with it and choose a brand that stands out to you.

Trucks – Connecting to the bottom of the deck, the truck stables the skateboard while allowing it to turn.  The wheels then mount to the truck.  It is important to pick a truck that is the same width of the deck.  The trucks contain a part called brushings, the spongy circular piece that supports the truck when it turns.  The brushings come in different grades: stiff, medium, and soft.  Softer bushings allow the skateboarder to turn easily, where the stiff bushings support the board better—probably best for beginning riders.

Wheels – You would think that the wheel is simple: it makes the skateboard go.  However, factors such as diameter and durameter (how hard or soft the wheel is) effect the way of the ride.  If your sole purpose is cruising the ramps, you’ll want a larger, harder wheel.  Large wheels roll faster allowing the rider to get air and make it up to the top.  Street riding more your style? Choose wheels that are smaller and lighter, but still hard.  With smaller wheels, you are closer to the ground, which makes it easier to do flip tricks.  If you want a board for both ramp riding and tricks, you’ll want a softer wheel that balances your speed and weight.

Bearings – These are the little metal rings inside of your skateboard wheel.  The bearings are rated on a scale from 1-9.  A skateboarder needs precise, durable wheels that will last through the abuse of jumps, grinds and rides.  A good bearing would be between a 3-5.

Riser – The part between the truck and the deck.  The risers help prevent the deck form cracking while relieving stress from the trucks. 

Griptape – The black, sandpaper like material attached to the top of the deck.  The name says it all: helps the rider grip the skateboard to prevent falling (though that happens no matter what, especially in the beginning days).

Each of these pieces attach together with various nuts, bolts, and screws.  Feeling crafty? Try building your own skateboard!  Let us at StoreYourBoard know how it turns out by sending us a picture through our email or posting it on our Facebook page!

In your search for the perfect skate deck did you find one that is just too nice to even skate?  Check out a skateboard deck display, they make your deck look like art in your house. 

Ride On,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) | A Fun Exercise

The new rage that is stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, has an added benefit: it is awesome exercise.  From toning your arms, to tightening your core and butt SUP is a full body exercise.  And the best part? It doesn't leave you sore the next day!

Because of having to distribute your weight evenly on the board along with trying to paddle, SUP increases balance—which many people may not think is an important aspect of exercise.  However, balance affects agility, quickness and prevents injury.  Paddling through water currents not only tones your arm muscles but works your back and abdominals, too.  And if you’re concerned about having the arms of body builder, look elsewhere. 

Not only is it a medical exercise, SUP is one of the mental variety as well.  Most riders feel a sense of peace gliding throughout the open ocean, lake or river.  You’re alone with nature and because this sport doesn’t take much concentration your mind can wander elsewhere. 

In fact, many riders have taken to doing yoga while on their paddleboard!  Riders paddle to serene inlets or coves where they then take on standard hour-long sessions of yoga.  It starts the same with breathing exercises, then moving to the poses and postures.  Being on the nonslip board in the water adds an increase in strengthening your core, focus and concentration. 

Don’t be scared to try this out! It is really easy to pick up and you are hooked after your first ride.

Ride On,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Music Playlist | The Perfect Playlist for Your Perfect Ride

Music is essential for most riders in order to perform well at competitions—no matter the sport.  Listening to the right pump up music is a key element to get a rider’s blood flowing and heart rate going to have the time of their life.  Many riders have even admitted that if their music is off, they won’t have a good run.  Whether it is underground hip-hop to hard rock, each song has the same job: ready the rider for their performance.  Here is my latest playlist that hasn’t let me down yet.

**Warning what you are about to view does not contain sappy love songs, brokenhearted look elsewhere.  However, there may be explicit language.

Stronger – Kayne West

I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace

Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi

Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna) – T.I. 

Gold On the Ceiling – The Black Keys

Paper Planes – M.I.A.

Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – BeyoncĂ©

Birthday Cake Remix – Rihanna

Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida

Bring Em Out (feat. Jay Z) – T.I.

Crazy Bitch – Buckcherry

Lose My Breath – Destiny’s Child

Bring Me to Life – Evanescence

Eyes Wide Open – Gotye

F*** You – Cee-Lo Green

I hope you enjoyed that taste of my ritual, share your playlist with StoreYourBoard and it could be posted on our blog or Facebook page!

Ride On,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Best Places to Bike | Come See America by Bike

With the price of gas skyrocketing, instead of taking a road trip this summer, why not tour America by bike!  A fantastic way to truly see our 50 states is by going on a bike tour.  Taking a bicycle tour is a way for cyclists to tour around an area and get a feel for the surroundings—and it’s good for the environment too! But where to start?  

StoreYourBoard has compiled a list of the best places in America that will make great vacations for bike enthusiasts.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah – That’s right, Utah is not only the perfect spot for skiing and snowboarding, but for mountain biking as well.  The Canyonlands National Park is a location filled with red-rock canyons, slick rock, and dessert backcountry.  The surrounding area provides many guide companies that will travel with a group throughout the inaccessible terrain.  With its intertwining canyons, an area called The Maze is the most recommended seeing.  


Charleston, South Carolina – This southern town provides a rich atmosphere for visiting and permanent cyclists.  It not only offers mountain biking through Mount Pleasant, but road biking along the towns and the coast, particularly the Isle of Palms.  Many inns and hotels provide bike racks out front and guidance to the best bike routes and guide companies with daily tours.

Fruita, Colorado – With some trails praised as the best in the world, this is the ideal location for those who enjoy mountain biking.  Similar to Utah, cyclists will travel through red-rock canyons only to find themselves in remote pine forests.  The city’s road trails are an easy relaxing ride for those of you who want to take in the beautiful surroundings.  Whereas those of you who like a challenge should try out the Kokopelli trails.

Burlington, Vermont – This lovely New England area will provide a cyclist with a relaxing ride as they tour the Burlington Bike Path, a 7.5 mile trek along Lake Champlain that links 6 major waterfront parks.  Looking for something longer?  The Lake Champlain Bikeways provide a 1,300+ miles of bike routes that travel throughout Vermont, to New York and to Quebec.

Healdsburg, California – There’s nothing better than going on a bike tour and a wine tour at the same time, right?  If that’s your style, Healdsburg is just the thing for you.  Travel through Sonoma wine country on the Wine Country Bikes tour with their multi-day tours, self-guided or guided tours.  Visit the state’s best wineries, while enjoying a picnic lunch and exploring the area.

Deciding to drive to these biking destinations?  Proper bike storage is key when traveling on any vacation.  Store your bike correctly with a floor bike stand that is easily portable and doesn’t take up room in your hotel or condo. 

Ride On,