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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) | A Fun Exercise

The new rage that is stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, has an added benefit: it is awesome exercise.  From toning your arms, to tightening your core and butt SUP is a full body exercise.  And the best part? It doesn't leave you sore the next day!

Because of having to distribute your weight evenly on the board along with trying to paddle, SUP increases balance—which many people may not think is an important aspect of exercise.  However, balance affects agility, quickness and prevents injury.  Paddling through water currents not only tones your arm muscles but works your back and abdominals, too.  And if you’re concerned about having the arms of body builder, look elsewhere. 

Not only is it a medical exercise, SUP is one of the mental variety as well.  Most riders feel a sense of peace gliding throughout the open ocean, lake or river.  You’re alone with nature and because this sport doesn’t take much concentration your mind can wander elsewhere. 

In fact, many riders have taken to doing yoga while on their paddleboard!  Riders paddle to serene inlets or coves where they then take on standard hour-long sessions of yoga.  It starts the same with breathing exercises, then moving to the poses and postures.  Being on the nonslip board in the water adds an increase in strengthening your core, focus and concentration. 

Don’t be scared to try this out! It is really easy to pick up and you are hooked after your first ride.

Ride On,