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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Boarding | The Best Places to SUP (Part 1 of 3)

Where’s the best place to stand up paddle board? Is it on the ocean, a calm lake, or a winding river?  We know it’s a hard decision.  Therefore, within the next few posts, StoreYourBoard will be giving you a list of the best places to SUP when it comes to the ocean, lake, and river.

The top 5 places to SUP on the biggest/baddest body of water out there, the ocean:

Maui, Hawaii – Making the top of our list, Maui is a great place if you want to take your SUP experience to the next level by taking on the swells.  However, if you are not interesting in a SUP surfing experience, take on the calmer waves to view this tropical paradise. 

St. Martin – This Caribbean island offers a variety of places to SUP with their 34 beaches, but the best spot is in their Marine Park on the North East of the French side of the island.  If you’re looking for a flat body of water to SUP check out Pinel Island.  If you’re looking for more of a wave, try the Wilderness and Caye Verte, both located in the Marine Park

La Jolla Sea Caves – Located in San Diego, California, the La Jolla Sea Caves are a string of 7 caves located within a sandstone sea cliff.  Only one of the caves, Sunny Jim’s Cave, is accessible by land.  To view the others, visitors kayak or SUP since the only way access is the ocean.  They are a wonderful view that you definitely don’t want to forget your camera for!

Outer Banks, North Carolina –This 200 mile long string of islands off the coast of North Carolina is home to many water sport locations.  With the SUP popularity rising in this destination, you can’t go wrong at any of the locations.  However, the best SUP location according to the locals is at North Duck Watersports location.  With peaceful water and tremendous views, it is the best place to learn to SUP.

Perth, Australia – Though any beach in Australia would be perfect for stand up paddle boarding, Perth provides stand up paddleboarding like no other.  The turquoise lagoon is filled with colorful fish offering a wonderful view for paddle boarders above.

Other great ocean spots to SUP include: Malibu, California; Chorrillos, Peru; and Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.

Check out Part 2: The Top 5 Best Lakes to SUP
Check out Part 3: The Top 5 Best Rivers to SUP

Ride On,

Sunday, August 26, 2012 Surf Rack | Customer Photos

Hey All,

Check out how our customer stores their surfboards and bike with StoreYourBoard racks!  As you can see this is a pretty small space but they did a great job of organizing and maximizing their space with these storage racks.  To get 2 surfboards, 1 SUP, and 3 bikes all in this space is pretty impressive.  If they weren't using these racks everything would probably just be laying against the wall in a big mess where you can't even get to your boards and bikes to use them.

Surfboard Storage Rack |       Surf Rack Triple -

Do you wish your garage or storage area looked more organized like this?  Get a storage rack from

Send us your pictures and we will post them and show everyone the way you organized your space.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

StoreYourBoard Team Rider: Tyler Nelson

Take a minute to get to know StoreYourBoard's second addition to its team of riders, Tyler Nelson.  Tyler wakeboards on the Gravel Tour, which consists of 5 competitions at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando, Florida.  The first stop was March 31 and the last stop is set for September 29.  Tyler is fighting for first place in his division!  Below are a few questions that Tyler answered so you can get to know a little bit more about him and his wakeboarding...

·         Name: Tyler Nelson   

·         Age: 18

·         Twitter Handle: @tcnwake2wake 

·         When did you start riding: 2008

·         Board: Ronix District with Cell Boots(as of now)

·         Home lake: Lake Santa Fe, FL

·         Favorite spot ever ridden: Lake Santa Fe

·         Favorite time of day/year to ride: Late in the day in summer

·         Best trick: Laid Out Half Cab Roll

·         Next trick to conquer: Pete Rose

·         Worst wipeout: Landing a 360 while tearing my meniscus(straight leg for 6 months after surgery).  

·         What competition circuit do you participate in: Gravel Tour

·         Results from this year’s competition: 2nd overall for the year in 2011 intermediate

·         Big plans for next year: Get on top of the advanced division

·         Favorite pro rider: Parks Bonifay

·         Dream vacation: Anytime I wakeboard I am vacationing

·         Songs that get you pumped up: Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi, Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells, Paper Planes by MIA, Radioactive by Kings of Leon, Kyoto by Skrillex

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Dew Tour: Ocean City, Maryland

This past weekend of August 18th, the Dew Tour hit Ocean City, Maryland for a stop on its tour, the Pantech Beach Championships.  The tour took over the ocean side area next to the OC inlet and put on a great show all the way around.  Events included both biking and skating: vert, park, flatland, bowl, and mega skate ramp, not to mention a surf expression session and a bunch of concerts mixed in between events, headlined by Lupe Fiasco on Friday night.

[Bob Burnquist and Andy MacDonald getting ready to drop in]

StoreYourBoard was down in OC checking out the scene and meeting up with some competitors and fans.  In between all that, we took time out to watch the finals of our favorite event: the skate vert.  The vert comp included some big, established names like Bucky Lasek, Andy MacDonald, and Bob Burnquist.  It also included up and coming stars like 12 year old Tom Schaar and 15 year old Mitchie Brusco.  


The final round did not disappoint.  The riders were going huge trying to capture the top spot in the vert finals.  Everyone landed some monster tricks and watching it live, you couldn't tell who was going to pull out the win.  In the end, Pierre-Luc Gagnon took first, followed by Bucky Lasek and Sandro Dias.

If you get a chance to check out a Dew Tour stop - do it - these guys rocked.   

[Spotted - Shaun White]

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shark Week 2012 | My Hidden Secret

In lieu of the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week, I have something to share with all of our diligent readers.  Unlike Josh and Andrew, I have a hefty fear of the ocean because of the swift giants that lurk beneath the surface.  I, Colleen, am deathly scared of sharks. 

It all started with a little movie that few have seen called Jaws.  It was a fan favorite in my household when my sisters and I were younger. It forever skewed my interest in the ocean.  Even though it is a movie that I will still stop and watch if it’s on TV, fear always creeps into my emotions and forbids me from going into the water higher than my waist on beach trips.  One time, my sister actually convinced me to go parasailing with her.  Worst decision of my life.  Did you know, that they take you out to the middle of the deep ocean and then dip you??  My sister thought my screaming reaction was hysterical.

Consequently, because I do have this fear it limits various aquatic activities.  For example, I don’t surf.  I can’t fathom sitting out there alone with only a surfboard to protect me.  BUT, I did man up and give it a try!  However, after a few goes my mind went into overdrive with the Jaws theme music and I surrendered. 

Though this fear that I have is why I will forever admire surfers like Josh and Andrew.  They don’t care about what lies beneath the surface because their passion for the sports overrides all; the rush and adrenaline that sores through their veins when taking a wave is all that matters.

So thank you to all surfers for being role models to not care what is lurking underneath the water, you make me want to overlook my fear and catch a wave.  As my mom says, “You have a better chance of getting bitten by a squirrel than a shark.”

Ride On,

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Surf Rack | Top 5 Places to Display Your Surfboard

Your surfboard travels with you everywhere and has been there for you from the beginning days of surfing to the monster swells you’re now shredding, so why not display it for all to see?

Try a place like your office.  Let’s be honest, work can sometimes be boring and infuriating.  Displaying your surfboard in the office can be a symbol to take a minute and breathe picturing yourself out on the water.

In your college dorm room.  Dorms are small and boring with white walls and old furniture.  Spice it up and make it your own with a wall mounted surfboard rack.  A surf wall mount clears space for the surplus amount of stuff you thought you’d need to bring to school but actually never use.  It’s one of the first things your friends will see and could catch the eye of some college girls ;]

In the basement, or man cave as some call it.  Picture this: a finished basement with comfortable couches, a huge HD flat screen TV and all of your surfboards on display.  A board you shared numerous memories with deserves a place to be seen to remind of you of the good old days.

In the family room.  A surfboard mounted in your living room sets the vibe for the entire room.  The family room should be a relaxed place for all to chill and convene together.  A surfboard doesn’t only have to be a board meant for the water, it can be art, too.

In your bedroom.  Similar to the dorm room, this is the only place that you can fully call “yours.”  Make it your own style with a floor mounted surfboard stand or choose to replace posters on the wall with that of a surfboard.

Whether it be wall mounted or free standing, display your surfboard with honor in any room in your house.

Ride On,

Monday, August 6, 2012

StoreYourBoard Team Rider: Jonathan Plotz

Introducing our first ever team rider, Jonathan Plotz.  Jonathan is a wakeboarder riding in the INT League this summer in North Carolina and absolutely tearing it up at age 16, stringing together a series of first place finishes and sitting in prime position to qualify for the regionals.  Check our interview with Jonathan to learn a little more about him.

·         Name: Jonathan Plotz

·         Nickname: JP and Johnny

·         Age: 16

·         When did you start riding: 7 years young. Got serious this year and have taken off!

·         Board: Humanoid Oracle 137cm

·         Home lake: Lake Anna, Virginia

·         Favorite spot ever ridden: Mayo Lake. It’s all glass!

·         Twitter handle: Plotz_J

·         Favorite time of day/year to ride: Early morning foggy session. Summer is the time of year for me. What school?

·         Best trick: Switch 540. (Half Cab 5)

·         Next trick to conquer: Raley. I’m scared too.

·         Worst wipeout: Fell in the handle on a toe side front 3 and was convinced my arm was fish food

·         What competition circuit do you participate in: INT League

·         Results from this year’s competition: 4 consecutive 1st places in Men’s Advanced
·         Big plans for next year: Land any Mobe trick. That’d be sick.

·         Favorite pro rider: Innovator: Bob Soven … Veteran: Parks Bonifay

·         Dream vacation: Ride on Blue Lake in Florida behind the new Air Nautique G25 with pretty girls in the boat. This is a dream right?

·         Song that gets you pumped up: “IDGAFOS” by Dillon Francis

We here at StoreYourBoard are wishing Jonathan the best in the rest of his competitions this summer.  Welcome to the team!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The 2012 Olympics | What is Takes to Be an Olympian…

With the 2012 Olympics underway, I started thinking the other day, “Hey, I could be an Olympic athlete.”  In what, I have no idea but for that full day, I had myself convinced that I could have been on an Olympic team.  However, with special thanks to my friends providing me a dose of reality I realized that idea was ridiculous. 

Training to be in the Olympics doesn’t take just an hour each day practicing and training, it takes a lifetime worth of commitment.  Take Michael Phelps for instance.  The swimmer with the most Olympic medals in history swims 80,000 meters (about 50 miles) a week, works out twice a day up to 6 hours at a time mixing pool time with the weight room.  I like to think I’m pretty active, but my measely 30 minutes of exercise almost every day is nothing compared to that of an athlete training for the Olympics.

These athletes put their heart and soul in to the sport they love.  Whether it be water polo, to gymnastics or dressage; this activity is not simply just a “part” of their life, it is their life. And with that said, I will never be an Olympic athlete because I love being able to do and eat what I want. 

Good luck to all of those participating in the 2012 Olympic Games! Check out the official London Olympics website to make sure you don’t miss cheering on your team!

Ride On,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bike Riding | Why You Should Get Out There and Try It

I’ll be honest; it wasn’t until recently that I became interested in cycling.  I didn’t think it would be too interesting and I honestly hate when there are bikers taking up the entire right lane.  But…I am now one of them.  It was a refreshing change to my workout routine that allowed me to take in the sights around me.

So if you are a biking skeptic like I was, here are a few reasons why you should give it a go!

Saves YOU money – Let’s be real here, gas prices are not getting any lower.  So why waste $10 on not even a gallon of gas to drive to the post office down the road?  Get off the couch and on your bike to ride the short distance instead of driving your car.

Is a good alternative if you can no longer play sports – A good friend of mine tore her ACL in her knee when we were in high school and needless to say ,it prevents her today from playing any of the sports she loves.  However, she can still ride her bike and engulfs herself in taking rides because she not only enjoys the adrenaline rush but it’s all she has left.

Is a good way to see the world around you – Feeling a little adventurous?  Grab a bike and go exploring! Whether it is in the mountains around you or through the new town you’ve just moved to.   Taking a ride can sometimes lead you to the unexpected.

Allows you bonding time with your friends – Sometimes biking down the road gets a little lonely.  Riding with friends allows you to spend quality time with them while being active! They are also a great support system when you don’t think you can ride any further.

Is an AWESOME workout – Lifting weights and running on the treadmill not your thing? Riding a bike offers a different experience when it comes to getting in cardio exercise. One, you create your path.  A bike rider is not stuck staring at the wall but can ride on trails, roads, off roads, back roads—wherever you please!  It is also a great way to build muscle!  Riding up hills, even though we hate them, builds up your leg muscles and the ride in general builds up your isometric muscles in your arms.

Therefore, lesson learned.  Now instead of hating fellow bikers on the road while I’m driving, I’m going to be jealous that they are riding and I am stuck in a car—with no air conditioning.

Ride On,