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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enter to Win a GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition - Contest Ends 12/13!

Here is our way of saying thank you this holiday season to all of our fans - we are giving away a GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition Camera on 12/13!

There are 4 ways to enter, on our social media pages (@storeyourboard):

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram 
  3. Pinterest  
  4. Facebook 
Full details and terms available here.  Good luck and thanks for all your support!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What is Snowboard Rocker and Camber?

Snowboard technology can be confusing: camber, twin-tip, rocker, beveled edge, sintered base, etc is just a partial list of all the jargon used to describe a snowboard. I can’t explain it all in this post, but I will explain one of the most important aspects – rocker and camber.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

SUP Rack Storage for 3 Paddle Boards | Customer Photo and Review

SUP Storage.  If you're looking for a rack to store multiple paddle boards, check out this SUP rack.  Made out of steel for sturdy, secure storage for those expensive SUPs, the rack has 3 arms = SUP storage for 3 boards.  The arms are padded with high density foam to make sure that you don't scratch or ding your paddle boards when storing or taking them out for your next ride.

The rack is designed to accommodate all types of paddle boards, as the rack arms are spaced 11.5 inches apart, so some very thick boards still fit.  The rack arms themselves are 21 inches wide, so generally paddle boards 35 inches wide fit onto the arms.  

Check out the picture below, showing how one of our customers, Bob, set up the SUP rack.  He stacked two of the racks together, creating SUP storage for 6 boards.  Now imagine how much space those boards would take up without the rack...

Here's what Bob had to say about this SUP rack:

We had to make a quick purchase to solve a storage problem for our SUPs and the Store Your Board option worked great!  We layered two racks one above the other and now have ample storage for 6 boards (see picture).  We did go above the recommended total weight but felt the rack was of sturdy construction and we anchored into studs for secure mounting.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Skateboard Wall Mount | Skateboard Deck Art

Skateboard Deck Display.  If you're looking to display your skateboard deck, check out this skateboard mount.  Quick and easy to install, your deck will "float" on the wall with this mount, like a work of art.  Put your old decks to good use - the price is right at $7.99...

Here's what Mike, one of our customers, said about the skateboard mount:  

I had tried a couple handmade efforts to hang my first skate deck - which is a commemorative autograph by Nonpoint. I was super frustrated trying to mount it from scratch in my office, wary it is an autographed piece. So I gave the floating mounts a try, encouraged by the celeb endorsements. Using a YouTube video as a guide, I got the board mounted in less than 10 minutes and it looks great on my wall. It's a show piece, so to have it mounted and fresh, I'm more than happy. The materials were cut and dry, and even a dope like me could figure it out pretty easily. Thank you very much!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Who has the best snow? Tahoe or Utah?

Last week, I began this discussion of who has the best snow in the US: coastal mountain ranges (CA, OR, WA) or interior mountain ranges (WY, CO, UT)? To answer this question, I started to explore pros and cons of the snow most associated with each region: Sierra cement (coastal ranges) and Champagne powder (interior ranges). Last week’s blog focused on Sierra cement, so this week’s blog will wrap it up with a discussion of Champagne powder.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Skateboard Storage Racks | Customer Photo

By Andrew Sachs
Skateboard Racks.  Here's a picture that Ray, another one of our stoked customers, sent us showing off his skateboard storage using our skateboard rack.  He's stacked 3 racks together to get storage for 9 skateboards, and he's even tossed a scooter into the rack no problem.  Really great way to organize his garage and mount his skateboards to keep them safe and ready to go.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Surf Trip Travel: Disadvantages to Renting a Car

By Andrew Sachs
All surf trips are different. Some surf destinations might not even have cars! Some surf breaks are only accessible by boat.  But there are plenty of surf trips where you land and have to drive to the surf break. Or you may want to drive around to different breaks. We already wrote about the advantages; here are some of the disadvantages to renting a car on your next surf trip.

the Volcom gate at BQN

Saturday, November 2, 2013

3 Bike Wall Storage Rack | Customer Photo

Bike Storage Rack.  Here's a picture that Laura, another one of our stoked customers, sent us showing off her bike storage using our bike wall rack.  She set up this triple bike rack right inside her apartment, which lets us know that she is serious about keeping her bikes safe and organized but always ready to go for the next ride.  This bike storage rack is a popular choice for garage bike storage, but Laura proves it is versatile enough to store your bikes anywhere.