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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Skateboard Wall Mount | Skateboard Deck Art

Skateboard Deck Display.  If you're looking to display your skateboard deck, check out this skateboard mount.  Quick and easy to install, your deck will "float" on the wall with this mount, like a work of art.  Put your old decks to good use - the price is right at $7.99...

Here's what Mike, one of our customers, said about the skateboard mount:  

I had tried a couple handmade efforts to hang my first skate deck - which is a commemorative autograph by Nonpoint. I was super frustrated trying to mount it from scratch in my office, wary it is an autographed piece. So I gave the floating mounts a try, encouraged by the celeb endorsements. Using a YouTube video as a guide, I got the board mounted in less than 10 minutes and it looks great on my wall. It's a show piece, so to have it mounted and fresh, I'm more than happy. The materials were cut and dry, and even a dope like me could figure it out pretty easily. Thank you very much!!!