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Friday, March 31, 2017

Big Happenings: in the News

As fellow online shoppers, we know how helpful a good review system can be.  Reviews confirm quality, or save you from a mistake.  We’ve all shopped on Amazon—those reviews are gold.

But when our main (“IT”) man, Mike, took on the task of building out a review system for SYB, we had no idea how successful it would be.  Would customers find it helpful?  Would they contribute?  Over a year and many reviews on hundreds of products later, the answers are undoubtedly YES!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Which Board Bag? The SYB Guide to the Best Surfboard Bag for Your Needs

In the interest of full disclosure I’ll start with the disclaimer that this topic is a bit out of my wheelhouse. I’m a boarder you see, just not a surf-boarder. Thankfully I didn’t have far to look to find my expert.
My co-worker and compadre Andrew is a man of the surf, as well as a solid all-around dude, for what that’s worth. He’s charitable with his knowledge, to the point where he once loaned me a board and some tips. I had fun in the waves, did no damage, but unfortunately performed as expected.  
More to the point Andrew knows his board bags. He’s a seasoned wave traveler, you might say, both domestically to the eastern seaboard and abroad.  A natural, I would say, for insight on this topic. And coincidentally this fine fellow recently rounded out an effort to up’s game in the surfboard bag department.  Thanks to this our offerings have ramped up considerably in 2017.  
Here’s what he had to say regarding board bags, what to look for, who’s got the best lineup, and when to use what:

Friday, March 24, 2017

Kickin’ it Off: Kayak & Canoe Storage for Spring 2017

I live in one of those earthly locations the travel mags like to call “a 4 season destination”.  Which is all well and good up until about, well, now.  I’ve gotten my fix of snowboarding (great year!) and am now wishing for a heavy dose of sun rays.

Problem is, the snow is layered up deep and melting slowly.  If you’re like me, your backyard may still resemble the above pic.  But, hey, long as I’ve been alive spring has never failed to come, so here’s to waiting.