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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Save Money at Ski Resorts

With many ski resorts around the country are either open or preparing to open, so I thought now would be an appropriate time to give some tips on How to Save Money at Ski Resorts.  I know the economy is struggling but that doesn't mean you should not go skiing and snowboarding this winter.  To make the most of your dollar this year Skiing or Snowboarding here are a few tips:

  1. Buy Discount Lift Tickets BEFORE you Go - At many ski resorts there are ways to get discount lift tickets.  Often time the local ski shops might have them available or check online at sites like  I know I have scored some large discounts (up to $30 off!) buying tickets in advance.
  2. Bring Your Lunch - If you are looking to enjoy the skiing but save some cash, a great tip is to bring your own lunch or food along for the day.  Anyone who has been to the ski slopes know paying $15 for a burger and fries is a bit steep.
  3. Rent Skis OFF the Mountain - Meaning if you need to rent skis, look to local ski shops to rent skis or snowboards before you go.  Often times you can get great deals, better equipment, and they might even drop it off for you.
  4. Go During the Weekdays - Going during the weekdays will save you money on lift tickets at most resorts.  To me the bigger benefit of going during the weekdays is less crowds meaning more skiing and the chance to score major un-tracked POWDER!
  5. Avoid the "Name Brands" - Yes the big ski resorts that do all the advertising (i.e. Vail) are often very nice but because they are very upscale and have large marketing budgets this is reflected in their lift ticket prices.  2011-2012 Vail Peak Season Adult Lift Tickets are $105/day!  II will give Vail credit for a few of my better powder days (Cloud Seeding ?!?) and the Back Bowls are sweet - but $105/day to ski is really getting a bit steep.  For example Ski Cooper is literally right down the road from Vail and their Adult Lift Ticket is $44 /day. As you can see the difference can be huge.  Another great option for lower prices ski tickets in Colorado is A-basin (I will note this is a Vail Resort - so you do have an option that has great terrain at a lower price)
  6. Package Deals with Lodging - If you are coming into town to go skiing, it makes sense to factor in discounts on lift tickets as well.  At most ski resorts, some of the lodging is associated with the ski resort and offer package deals.  A package deal can end up saving you big on lift tickets (especially multi-day).

Use these ideas to stretch your dollar this skiing and snowboarding season.  Just make sure to get out there and enjoy the Snow!

What other tricks and tips do you have to save money and ski more?  Let us know - post a comment 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fretanding Ski and Snowboard Storage Racks

Introducing NEW: 

Free Standing Racks for Ski and Snowboard Storage

Customer have been asking for more freestanding racks and we have delivered in time for the holidays and the ski and snowboard season.  Our Free Standing Surfboard Rack has always been a big seller and we always hear from customers that they love it because it is just so easy to use.  Now you can get the same ease of use in ski and snowboard racks. These are ready to go out of the box and hold your skis and snowboards very securely.  They are also very easy to move around should you want to have them one place during the ski and snowboard season and them move them to someplace out of the way for off season storage.  They are also portable so you can bring them to you ski cabin so you don't have your gear all over the house!  

Check them out!

Let us know what you think of the new racks. Are there any other types of racks you have been looking for but can't find on  We strive to have the best selection of board racks anywhere!