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Friday, September 28, 2012

Top 5 Bike Maintenance Tips That Anyone Can Do

Biking and cycling is exploding all over the US.  Whether you are out for a casual ride, trying to get some exercise, or riding competitively everyone needs to maintain their bike(s).  Although we recommend going to your local bike shop for major problems and yearly tune ups here are a few things that anyone can do at home to help maintain your bike. 

1.) Properly Inflate your Tires– Just like your car you need to maintain your tire pressure in your bike.  Look on the tire to see what the recommend pressure (psi) is for your tire and check this periodically.  Competitive cyclists will pump their tires before every ride.

2). Clean/grease your seatpost – Nothing is more annoying than not being able to adjust your seatpost.  To clean it, start by marking where your seat is with tape.  After removing your seat, clean inside with an old cloth.  Then our some grease inside the pipe and reattach your seat post to its correct position.

3). Visually Inspect Your Bike - I know this sounds like an easy one but just giving your bike the once over before your ride can save you a lot of headache.  Check things like your tires, chain, brakes.  As do a quick check once you get on your bike to make sure your brakes and shifters are working properly.

4). Oil the chain – A rusty, dirty chain breaks easier and hinders the ride.  Make sure to oil it every 100 miles or so for it to function properly.  BUT makes sure to remove the excess residue from the oil.  Old lube or oil attracts dirt, which can easily break the chain.  A maintained chain should last 1,500-2,000 miles

5). Store Your Bike Properly - Dumping your bike on the garage floor after your ride is not what we would consider proper bike storage.  Ideally you would have a dedicated bike rack so you can properly hang your bike in a secure place where it won't get beat up and also won't get water, dust, grit, and grime on it. 

Having a bike rack will also help to organize your home and garage as bikes can take up a lot of room especially if the whole family has one.

Don't want to mount anything you your wall, there are some great options for Free Standing Bike Racks as well.

6). Oil the cable guide of your bottom bracket – Covered in grime from dirt, sweat and your sports drink of choice, the area where the bike’s derailleur cables slide into needs some attention too.  By oiling the cable guide, you can prevent annoying shifting and friction that obstructs a smooth ride.

7) Keep your bike Clean but Don’t pressure clean your bike - Wipe down your bike with a dry cloth or a damp cloth.  High water pressure can actually cause dirt to form in hidden places on your bike.  Not only that, it causes rust and actually removes the oil on the chains and gears.  Instead use a garden hose or a rag with a bucket full of water.  Make sure to fully dry your bike after to prevent rust.

Ride On,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wakeboarding | The Top Five Best Wakeboard Brands

Looking for your first wakeboard?  Tired of your old wakeboard and need a new one?  We're here to help.  We put together our list of the top wakeboard brands on the market today. Making our list, in no particular order: (1) Hyperlite, (2) Ronix, (3) CWB, (4) Liquid Force and (5) Obrien.

Hyperlite produces tons of wakeboard gear (check out this Hyperlite wakeboard rack) and is at the top of the wakeboarding industry. With sleek, lightweight boards, Hyperlite provides a rider with a variety of boards with different shapes and strengths to really give a rider pop on the wake.

Ronix is a diversified manufacturer with customized boards made specially for girls and guys. Many of the ladies' boards are made for smoother ride and less impact. Their “Faith Hope Love” board, for example, is a quality board that allows for a lot of speed across the wake.  Guys' boards offer their own unique advantages.

Trying to go green? CWB is the brand you want to focus on then with a board that incorporates bamboo to “add strength and reduce weight.” Not only eco-friendly, CWB has great boards for beginners with their soft landing technology implemented into each board.

Liquid Force prides itself on designing boards to make each rider’s experience special, whether you’re a young grom or an experienced powerhouse. Their boards are lightweight and new hybrid models are always being released with new advancements to better your ride.

Similar to the other brands on this list, Obrien is a quality brand that offers boards for beginners to experienced pros. Each board is created differently to enhance a rider’s strength and to also help his or her weaknesses. With technology such as double barrel channels to expanded DELTA bases, these boards produce enough pop to help you land your next trick on the wake.

These brands produce top quality wakeboards but they aren't the only great wakeboard manufacturers out there. Check out boards produced by Slingshot and Humanoid to further your knowledge of equally good brands. Everyone's got their own opinion about what brand is best, but I hope this list helps point you in the direction of a wakeboard that feels like an extension of you.

Once you choose your favorite wakeboard brand and get a new board make sure you have a wakeboard rack to store it in!

Ride On,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bicycle Storage Rack | What is Best Bike Storage Solution for You?

Though bikes can be sleek and stylish, they can be clunky objects that take over your garage, basement, mudroom or apartment.  With all the various bike storage racks available, it is hard to find the perfect one for your living condition.  Here is a list of bicycle racks that attach to the wall or ceiling, and that can be free standing with no structural support.

Wall/Ceiling Mounted Bike Racks (Racks that are attached to the wall)

Hanging Bike Rack – A hanging bike rack is the perfect solution to hold each family member’s bike in a tight space.  With no bike size limitation, the hanging bike rack is versatile allowing all sizes and has the ability to move away from the wall to provide more space.  Don’t have six bikes to store?  The hanging wall rack is also a great way to store strollers, large toys, and other items taking over your garage

Ceiling Bike Rack – A good way to store your bike if space is extra limited.  The ceiling bike rack hoists the bike to the ceiling and with a special locking mechanism prevents falling.  This rack keeps space needed for objects that are floor bound and is not only for the garage; try hitching it to the ceiling of your mudroom or storage area.  Don’t worry about not being tall or strong enough to remove the bike from the ceiling.  This ceiling bike rack lowers the attached bike by a reachable and easy to use rope.

Free Standing Bike Racks (Racks that don't need external support)

Floor Bike Stand – The floor bike stand is a good way to store your bike without worrying about putting nails in the wall or the ceiling.  It’s a great way to store your bike if you live in an apartment building and there are no outside bike racks.  The floor bike stand provides easy removal and placement.  Simply roll the bike in to and out of the rack—it’s so easy a child could do it.

Free Standing Bike Rack – This is another bike storage rack that does not need attachment to a wall.  However, if you worry about the security of the rack there is an option to order the rack with a wall mounting kit.  By holding two bikes horizontal to one another, the free standing bike rack frees space in front of the rack to fit your storing needs.  Only weighing 20 lbs, the free standing bike rack is easily movable to find the perfect spot for your bike.  

Folding Bike Rack – One of the best ways to eliminate excess use of space when storing your bike is the folding bike rack.  The folding bike rack securely grips the bike rack closely to the wall to provide a compact storing experience.  This rack also contains a shelf allowing the cyclist to store their bike helmet and gear.

When searching for a bicycle storage rack, make sure to keep a few things in mind:
  • Both types of rack, wall mounted and free standing, provide the necessary attributes to keeping a clean and clutter free room.   
  • Each rack is relatively easy to assemble and manage as each of the bikes can be removed and placed easily on the rack.

Ride On,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 End of Summer Sale!

Summer is coming to an end.  We hope you enjoyed the sun, water, and waves as much as we did.  As we prepare for the fall and winter sports NOW is the time to get any additional racks you need to store your boards over the off season.  StoreYourBoard has racks for all your gear and we are adding new products all the time, so check back often.

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I know we had a great summer at StoreYourBoard out on the lakes wakeboarding and in the ocean surfing but we are already getting psyched up for the winter skiing and snowboarding season - fingers are crossed and snow dances are being rehearsed - POW - POW - POWDER!

Get a board rack to store your summer boards and gear and a rack for your winter gear so it is ready to go at the first powder day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Rivers | The Best Places to SUP (Part 3 of 3)

The end has finally come! Here is StoreYourBoard's third and final part of our Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board Series. So without further adieu, here are our top five rivers for stand up paddle boarding.

Colorado River Caves and Canyons – Enjoy a two-day adventure of the Colorado River Caves and Canyons booked through Desert Adventure.  Travel down the river’s 12 miles to find a breath taking view of the Nevada Desert ending your route in the Emerald Caves

Salmon River, California – Take peaceful stand up paddle boarding to another level by taking on the white water rapids of the Salmon River in California. Stay a week and a have lesson from the Whitewater SUP School that that starts the rider on calm water gradually increasing to level three rapids.

Seattle, Washington – With a large SUP population, Seattle is a great city that won’t let you down.  Numerous SUP stores provide rentals and lessons.  Not to mention there is a group called Stand Up Paddle Seattle that has weekly evening skills clinics.

Rio Chama, New Mexico – Team up with New Mexico River Adventures to receive a full service SUP experience.  Providing rentals, lessons, and tours, New Mexico River Adventures will take you on a three day trip through the wild Rio Chama.  View the desert scenery as you travel calmly down the river only to reach level 2-3 rapids.

Hanalei River, Hawaii – What is a list without the birthplace of SUP? The Hanalei River, located on the island of Kauai, is a seven-mile trip allowing the paddler see exotic fish and freshwater turtles as you go. With a SUP rental place practically on every corner, don’t worry about not finding a good place to rent a board.

A good thing remember when planning a SUP trip is the actual transport of the stand up paddleboard.  With rental shops providing boards for the masses, their weight, let alone the weight of your own board, may be difficult to handle walking through the terrain.  Get the beach the easy way with a Stand Up Paddleboard carrier! Securely holding your board with durable straps, a spot for your paddle, and a padded shoulder strap a stand up paddleboard carrier is the only way to take any size paddleboard to the beach without struggling.

Ride On,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Surf Tools | Don’t Get Caught Without the Right Tools

It’s always when you are the least prepared that everything goes wrong—has that happened to anyone else?  Well if you’re like me, you have found yourself down and out with your board and no surf tools to help you fix the problem.  No tools means no waves.  This is why now I make sure to never leave home without easily portable surf tools.  I never thought of the importance of carrying a screwdriver with me, then again I never thought I would have fin issues. offers two different kinds of surf tools that any surfer can use and carry with them: 

The multi tool surf tool is a compactable surf tool that butterflies out to produce a wax comb, an Allen wrench, a leash hook, and a phillips head screw driver.  With an attached lanyard, this organized surf tool is easy to carry around your neck to help with your surfing needs, whether it is fin adjustments or combing the wax for a smooth ride.

The Surf Tool Key Chain is the tool you’re least likely to forget, just pop it on your keys and head for the beach.  It contains everything a surfer needs for a long, fun day at the beach.  With a flex comb for your board, an all in one fin key and even a bottle opener for the end of the day, the surf tool key chain is a necessity for those unexpected times.  Did I mention it smells like PiƱa Colada?

You don’t want to be the only one not in the water because you can’t fix your surfboard.  Stay ahead of the game and prevent anything from happening with the right surf tool.

Ride On,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lakes | The Best Places to SUP (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to’s Part Two of our Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board Series.  This week, take a look at our top five lakes are a must ride for SUP riders.

Lake Tahoe – Connecting California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe has a connection of Hot Springs in the northern shore that act as a first-rate muscle relaxer for riders after a long SUP session. The Brockway Hot Springs, with their three steamy pools, are necessary after traveling through the lake’s cold waters.

Lake Nisswa, Minnesota – Out of the plethora of lakes located in Minnesota, Lake Nisswa is one of the best for the stand up paddleboard riders that love fish.   With local SUP stores providing rental boards with a holder for your rod, paddle out and take pleasure in catching large fish, such as bass, northern pike or walleye. 

Jamaica Bay, New York – A view of the NYC skyline is paradise for any SUP rider that takes on the Jamaica Bay.  As you enjoy the ride, find inner peace while paddling through estuaries, tall grass and hidden islands.  Escape hectic city life and paddle through Jamaica Bay.

The Great Lakes – That’s right lakes with a “s”. Showing some SUP lovin’ to each of North America’s Great Lakes will result in a wonderful SUP experience.  Whether it’s Lake Michigan, Lake Superior or Lake Erie, each of the seven Great Lakes will not bore any SUP rider.  This collaboration of lakes is a an upcoming SUP scene hosting events such as the Sweetwater SUP Challenge, the 2012 TC Waterman Challenge and Expo, the Detroit SUP Festival and more.

Your Backyard – Some SUP rider’s are lucky enough to have a lake right in their backyard.  If you’re not part of those lucky few, try traveling to your local lake.  Imagine getting off work and blowing off steam while you paddle, enjoying the local foliage you never noticed before.

Ride On,

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wake Brothers | Phil and Bob Soven

What is one of the summer's hottest (and funniest) shows that is dominating MTV's airwaves right now?  That would be Wake Brothers, the hit comedy reality show featuring Phil and Bob Soven.  Phil is 23 years old and currently ranked as the number one wakeboarder in the world, and his brother Bob is 20 years old (he injured his knee and is out for the rest of the wakeboard season).

Although brothers that both wakeboard, the similarities between Phil and Bob end there.  Phil plays the role of the serious, professional wakeboarder; Bob does his best not to take anything too seriously, and does his best to be the life of the party.

The show premiered on July 25 and is set for a 12 episode run this summer.  The show airs Mondays at 11pm, and each episode is a half hour and combines wakeboarding and shenanigans.  Phil, or as he is known by his friends, "Ice Man" competes on the professional wakeboard tour, which is featured in the show.  Bob, as a long-haired red head, creates "ginger mayhem" wherever he goes.  For example, in the show's first episode, Bob scales the house, sneaks into Phil's room, and rips the blanket off Phil's bed, exposing him and his lady-friend for the cameras to see.

Interestingly enough, Wake Brothers is not the Soven's first shot at a TV show.  A pilot show by Pink Sneakers was used to pitch Wake Brothers, but the pilot was actually shot years ago.  In that pilot, Bob is living at home with his parents and Phil is in the process of building his own home.  Of course, Phil jokes with Bob that when the house is built he will let Bob move in there too.

We at StoreYourBoard really dig the show and also credit the Wake Bros for having all the episodes available online, along with the show's blog, additional pictures, and episode schedule here -

Don't forget to send your tweets to @PhilSoven, @TheRealBobSoven, and @WakeBrothersMTV.  We have been following the Wake Brothers on twitter and since the show aired, their followers have increased from about 8,000 combined to now almost 70,000!  Yeah, the show is that popular.

For an interview with the Wake Brothers, check out the video below!  Ride on!