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Friday, September 7, 2012

Surf Tools | Don’t Get Caught Without the Right Tools

It’s always when you are the least prepared that everything goes wrong—has that happened to anyone else?  Well if you’re like me, you have found yourself down and out with your board and no surf tools to help you fix the problem.  No tools means no waves.  This is why now I make sure to never leave home without easily portable surf tools.  I never thought of the importance of carrying a screwdriver with me, then again I never thought I would have fin issues. offers two different kinds of surf tools that any surfer can use and carry with them: 

The multi tool surf tool is a compactable surf tool that butterflies out to produce a wax comb, an Allen wrench, a leash hook, and a phillips head screw driver.  With an attached lanyard, this organized surf tool is easy to carry around your neck to help with your surfing needs, whether it is fin adjustments or combing the wax for a smooth ride.

The Surf Tool Key Chain is the tool you’re least likely to forget, just pop it on your keys and head for the beach.  It contains everything a surfer needs for a long, fun day at the beach.  With a flex comb for your board, an all in one fin key and even a bottle opener for the end of the day, the surf tool key chain is a necessity for those unexpected times.  Did I mention it smells like Piña Colada?

You don’t want to be the only one not in the water because you can’t fix your surfboard.  Stay ahead of the game and prevent anything from happening with the right surf tool.

Ride On,