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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wake Brothers | Phil and Bob Soven

What is one of the summer's hottest (and funniest) shows that is dominating MTV's airwaves right now?  That would be Wake Brothers, the hit comedy reality show featuring Phil and Bob Soven.  Phil is 23 years old and currently ranked as the number one wakeboarder in the world, and his brother Bob is 20 years old (he injured his knee and is out for the rest of the wakeboard season).

Although brothers that both wakeboard, the similarities between Phil and Bob end there.  Phil plays the role of the serious, professional wakeboarder; Bob does his best not to take anything too seriously, and does his best to be the life of the party.

The show premiered on July 25 and is set for a 12 episode run this summer.  The show airs Mondays at 11pm, and each episode is a half hour and combines wakeboarding and shenanigans.  Phil, or as he is known by his friends, "Ice Man" competes on the professional wakeboard tour, which is featured in the show.  Bob, as a long-haired red head, creates "ginger mayhem" wherever he goes.  For example, in the show's first episode, Bob scales the house, sneaks into Phil's room, and rips the blanket off Phil's bed, exposing him and his lady-friend for the cameras to see.

Interestingly enough, Wake Brothers is not the Soven's first shot at a TV show.  A pilot show by Pink Sneakers was used to pitch Wake Brothers, but the pilot was actually shot years ago.  In that pilot, Bob is living at home with his parents and Phil is in the process of building his own home.  Of course, Phil jokes with Bob that when the house is built he will let Bob move in there too.

We at StoreYourBoard really dig the show and also credit the Wake Bros for having all the episodes available online, along with the show's blog, additional pictures, and episode schedule here -

Don't forget to send your tweets to @PhilSoven, @TheRealBobSoven, and @WakeBrothersMTV.  We have been following the Wake Brothers on twitter and since the show aired, their followers have increased from about 8,000 combined to now almost 70,000!  Yeah, the show is that popular.

For an interview with the Wake Brothers, check out the video below!  Ride on!