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Saturday, November 16, 2013

SUP Rack Storage for 3 Paddle Boards | Customer Photo and Review

SUP Storage.  If you're looking for a rack to store multiple paddle boards, check out this SUP rack.  Made out of steel for sturdy, secure storage for those expensive SUPs, the rack has 3 arms = SUP storage for 3 boards.  The arms are padded with high density foam to make sure that you don't scratch or ding your paddle boards when storing or taking them out for your next ride.

The rack is designed to accommodate all types of paddle boards, as the rack arms are spaced 11.5 inches apart, so some very thick boards still fit.  The rack arms themselves are 21 inches wide, so generally paddle boards 35 inches wide fit onto the arms.  

Check out the picture below, showing how one of our customers, Bob, set up the SUP rack.  He stacked two of the racks together, creating SUP storage for 6 boards.  Now imagine how much space those boards would take up without the rack...

Here's what Bob had to say about this SUP rack:

We had to make a quick purchase to solve a storage problem for our SUPs and the Store Your Board option worked great!  We layered two racks one above the other and now have ample storage for 6 boards (see picture).  We did go above the recommended total weight but felt the rack was of sturdy construction and we anchored into studs for secure mounting.