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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bike Riding | Why You Should Get Out There and Try It

I’ll be honest; it wasn’t until recently that I became interested in cycling.  I didn’t think it would be too interesting and I honestly hate when there are bikers taking up the entire right lane.  But…I am now one of them.  It was a refreshing change to my workout routine that allowed me to take in the sights around me.

So if you are a biking skeptic like I was, here are a few reasons why you should give it a go!

Saves YOU money – Let’s be real here, gas prices are not getting any lower.  So why waste $10 on not even a gallon of gas to drive to the post office down the road?  Get off the couch and on your bike to ride the short distance instead of driving your car.

Is a good alternative if you can no longer play sports – A good friend of mine tore her ACL in her knee when we were in high school and needless to say ,it prevents her today from playing any of the sports she loves.  However, she can still ride her bike and engulfs herself in taking rides because she not only enjoys the adrenaline rush but it’s all she has left.

Is a good way to see the world around you – Feeling a little adventurous?  Grab a bike and go exploring! Whether it is in the mountains around you or through the new town you’ve just moved to.   Taking a ride can sometimes lead you to the unexpected.

Allows you bonding time with your friends – Sometimes biking down the road gets a little lonely.  Riding with friends allows you to spend quality time with them while being active! They are also a great support system when you don’t think you can ride any further.

Is an AWESOME workout – Lifting weights and running on the treadmill not your thing? Riding a bike offers a different experience when it comes to getting in cardio exercise. One, you create your path.  A bike rider is not stuck staring at the wall but can ride on trails, roads, off roads, back roads—wherever you please!  It is also a great way to build muscle!  Riding up hills, even though we hate them, builds up your leg muscles and the ride in general builds up your isometric muscles in your arms.

Therefore, lesson learned.  Now instead of hating fellow bikers on the road while I’m driving, I’m going to be jealous that they are riding and I am stuck in a car—with no air conditioning.

Ride On,