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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Surf Rack | Top 5 Places to Display Your Surfboard

Your surfboard travels with you everywhere and has been there for you from the beginning days of surfing to the monster swells you’re now shredding, so why not display it for all to see?

Try a place like your office.  Let’s be honest, work can sometimes be boring and infuriating.  Displaying your surfboard in the office can be a symbol to take a minute and breathe picturing yourself out on the water.

In your college dorm room.  Dorms are small and boring with white walls and old furniture.  Spice it up and make it your own with a wall mounted surfboard rack.  A surf wall mount clears space for the surplus amount of stuff you thought you’d need to bring to school but actually never use.  It’s one of the first things your friends will see and could catch the eye of some college girls ;]

In the basement, or man cave as some call it.  Picture this: a finished basement with comfortable couches, a huge HD flat screen TV and all of your surfboards on display.  A board you shared numerous memories with deserves a place to be seen to remind of you of the good old days.

In the family room.  A surfboard mounted in your living room sets the vibe for the entire room.  The family room should be a relaxed place for all to chill and convene together.  A surfboard doesn’t only have to be a board meant for the water, it can be art, too.

In your bedroom.  Similar to the dorm room, this is the only place that you can fully call “yours.”  Make it your own style with a floor mounted surfboard stand or choose to replace posters on the wall with that of a surfboard.

Whether it be wall mounted or free standing, display your surfboard with honor in any room in your house.

Ride On,