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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Cinch - The Simple Snowboard Wall Mount

The Cinch is an ultra-affordable way to store and display your snowboard. The Cinch is also probably the easiest snowboard wall mount to install requiring only two wood screws! If you’re on a budget, but want a cool and convenient way to show off your shred stick, then the Cinch has got your covered.

The Cinch works by taking advantage of the hourglass shape of your snowboard - narrow in the middle and wider at the tips and tails. The Cinch uses two abrasion-resistant SBR rubber bumpers to hold your board in place. By spacing the bumpers such that they are wide enough to get the center (narrow) part of your board through, but narrow enough that the tips and tails (wide) part of your board can’t get through, it effectively “cinches” the board in place! This makes taking your board in and out of the rack super easy - you basically just let gravity do all the work.

Display your board:
The Cinch is not only affordable but it is super low-profile and perfect for displaying your boards. This means when you have your board hung up on the wall with the Cinch all the attention is on the board and not on the rack. This also means when your snowboard isn’t hung up on your wall, only two small black rubber pieces remain. This is way better than some other big and bulky racks that look ugly when your board isn’t in the rack.

Abrasion-resistant SBR rubber:
The rubber bumpers have been specially designed and tested to work well with snowboards. The rubber is a perfect blend between hard enough to keep your board in place, but soft enough to not damage your board’s edges. After tuning your edges the last thing you want is a rack that will damage all the work you just did! Since the rubber is also abrasion resistant, they won’t get cut up or deteriorate over time by your board’s edges - awesome!

Easy Install:
Provided with the Cinch kit is everything you need to install the mount. No special tools are required to install either - everything can be installed with a typical Phillips driver. Since there are only two rubber bumpers, installation is as screwing in two wood screws! Optionally, you can also install the included drywall anchors which are also super simple to install. Overall, installation shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes!