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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Words of Wisdom for the Upcoming Ski and Snowboarding Season

Today I am here to give all of you a lecture my mom always gives me whenever I do, well, anything: “Be smart and be safe.” When I was a teenager, my response was to roll my eyes at her, but now that I am “mature,” I always consider her words.

I know a few people who have sustained serious injuries from snowboarding and skiing. Some of the injuries may have been accidental due to a beginner’s mistake or biting off more you can chew, but others were from goofing around on the slopes. We snowboard and ski because it is a fun activity that we enjoy; there’s a rush as the wind burns your face as you carve down the powdery mountain. However, you have to keep in mind that snowboarding and skiing is dangerous, in fact sometimes deadly. A boy that went to a neighboring high school back home was enjoying a great night session at the nearest mountain skiing when he took a turn too quickly and met his death far too early. I will never forget seeing a girl I worked with, who was best friends with him, crying and mourning his death in the dining room before we opened that night.  Another guy I go to college with, his name is Johnny, is now wheelchair bound because of a bad landing while attempting a snowboarding trick. Johnny had a full scholarship to play soccer at our university, but injured himself his senior year of high school.

These few examples are why I cannot stress enough to be smart and safe during the upcoming season. Don’t worry about looking stupid and wear protective gear such as wrist guards, a helmet, and butt pads.  Feel free to share your mountain horror stories with the StoreYourBoard team to help encourage safe riding!

Ride On,