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Friday, July 7, 2017

Hauling Your 'Yak: Which Kayak Dolly to Choose?

Gotta be a better way...
A number of years back I was on an extended fishing and kayaking trip with my dad and brother in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.  We were camping, paddling, eating plenty of bacon and PB&J sandwiches and generally enjoying a leisurely life away from computers and calls.  Until, that is, we hit the longest carry (portage for the Frenchmen) I've ever experienced.  

That carry ended up stretching more than a mile between bodies of water and - if memory serves - we traipsed it three times.  Lug the kayaks, head back, then manhandle the assortment of fishing and camping gear over the heavily rooted path. Needless to say, it wasn't the trip's highlight.

Somewhere along that stretch I concluded there must be a better way.  And now of course I know there is.  A few simple kayak dollies would have saved us time, backache and those two extra jaunts down the path.  Not having a kayak cart is a mistake I won't make again.

You don't need to be on a wilderness expedition to require a kayak cart. In fact, I'd venture to guess that most kayak dolly owners use their vehicle for short pulls of a quarter mile or less. House to the beach, car to the river, camp to the cove.  Whatever the distance, a kayak dolly is an incredibly useful instrument that takes the struggle out of the equation.  And what I like best is the carrying capacity a dolly allows.  Fishing gear, paddle, water, rain gear, all goes in the kayak for transportation with little noticeable weight.

Like anything, different folks will require different style kayak carts.  On I'm very pleased with the quality of each dolly in our selection, but for specific applications, here's what I'd recommend.

"Around Town"
For the most part you're not looking to haul your kayak long distances and you won't be towing through thick mud, knobby rocks or gnarly paths.  Sidewalks, gravel or dirt paths, a bit of sand; this is your style.

I recommend our Deluxe Kayak Dolly for the following reasons.
  • 150 lb. capacity you'll never exceed
  • Dual leg kickstand for easy, single person loading
  • Center-mount towing (equals less weight for you to shoulder)
  • "No flat" wheels that roll smoothly and can handle minor obstructions
  • Quality stainless steel & aluminum hardware
  • Great price point at $109.99
"Off Road"
You like to go down treacherous paths or typically have no clue what terrain you might encounter. Sand, mud, roots and rocks are all in your future.

I recommend our All Terrain Kayak Cart for the following reasons.
  • Massive "no flat" 15" tires for superior clearance and excellent traction
  • Thick foam padding cradles your kayak for exceptional fit
  • Beefy aluminum construction keeps weight down, but allows for 250 lb. capacity!
  • Compact frame folds down in seconds - great for overnight trips
"Fisherman's Ultimate Kayak Dolly"
If you're like the fishermen I know, you're really hard on gear.  Low maintenance is your mantra, but you expect everything to perform perfectly in the middle of the night when the bite is on.

I recommend our "Never Flat" Universal Kayak Dolly for the following reasons.
  • This beast is built to be abused. 100% reinforced composite and stainless steel construction
  • Specialty tires perform like tank treads - traverses any terrain
  • Adjustable cradle pads handle any kayak - ideal for wide "fishing kayaks"
  • Breaks down in seconds to easily stow in a kayak hatch
"Beach Commander"
Your favorite water is reached after a long haul over deep, loose, shifting sands. The type of terrain that typically swallows up wagons, carts and strollers. What you need are purpose designed beach wheels.

I recommend our Fishing Kayak Cart with Sand Wheels for the following reasons.
  • Same cart as the All Terrain but fitted out with balloon wheels for super flotation
  • Huge wheel surface area allows the cart to float over sand where lesser dollies dig in
  • Another popular option is to buy the Sand Wheels and build your own cart!

Keep the memories fresh and the hauling easy!  Until next time...


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