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Friday, June 2, 2017

A Mission of Great Importance: Design Your Own MultiSport Rack

It all began about a year ago with an all-out-build-out of the Stainless Steel SUP and Kayak Rack.  At the time we were scratching our heads a bit at the sharp increase in customer service inquiries along the lines of:

 "I have 3 kayaks and 2 SUPs...what rack would you recommend?"


Recognizing that a "buy 2 of these and 1 of these" answer just wasn't cutting it, we turned toward finding a solution.  Which didn't take long; the answer was sitting right in front of us. Several of the racks already carried were capable of customization and multi-sport storage.  Some were even designed for it.

But what we weren't doing--what no one else was or currently is doing!--was translating the ease of customization to all you good folks, our customers.  Sure, you could customize a rack for your needs, but it probably required several phone calls, a bunch of back and forth about measurements, worries about weights and finally some "sounds great, but you said HOW MUCH?!"

For those reasons, a la carte rack build outs were something of a futile internet exercise.  E-commerce is all about ease of purchase and these racks were anything but.

So we set out to right the wrongs.  And frankly we figured out why no one else is offering custom built, instantly priced, freestanding, multi-sport racks.  The listings take a MASSIVE amount of sweat equity to account for all the varying configurations.  But we powered through and are now incredibly satisfied to offer several of our bestselling freestanding SUP, Surf & Kayak racks as truly customizable solutions.

 THE ORIGINAL - What started it all....
Yes, it all started with the Stainless Steel SUP and Kayak Rack, but it didn't end there!  So without further adieu, have a look.  For indoor/outdoor storage of 2-10 watercraft of any assortment they're hard to beat.

                               THE ORIGINAL ON STEROIDS - Ya, 2X sided for 10 watercraft