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Friday, August 11, 2017

The Hi-Port 2 has arrived! | Kayak, SUP and surfboard ceiling storage

We're very excited to announce that the Hi-Port 2 is now readily available for purchase!  The development of this rack goes back quite a ways and is a story I won't belabor.  What's important is that we wanted to design a rack that would fix or upgrade all the shortcomings found in the current line-up of ceiling racks.  In my opinion, mission accomplished.  

I invite you to have a scan of either our Double Kayak listing or our Multi - SUP/Surf listing for the full roster of details, but for a quick run-by, here's what we did with the Hi-Port 2:
  • Doubled the capacity.  So many ceiling racks are built for a single kayak or board.  But many of our customers have multiple we doubled the capacity with 2-sided, easy accessibility.  Supports 100 lbs!
  • Adjusts vertically. The center post slides up and down and locks in place with a gated pin.  So 1) you can maximize space by lowering the rack for 18" of clearance or 2) raise the rack to allow for vehicle clearance underneath. (In this scenario, the rack hangs 12" from the ceiling).
  • Mounting plate rotates 90 degrees. Why is this important? Well, most racks can only be mounted in one direction, determined by the orientation of ceiling rafters. The Hi-Port 2 can be mounted in either direction, so there's no concern about whether or not the rack will "work".
  • XL arms. The arms are each 25" long and are designed to support SUPs up to 36" wide.
  • Removable arms.  All 4 arms can be removed with the simple click of a button.  Makes storage or mounting beside a wall very simple.
  • Heavy duty construction.  As always, we strived to overbuild the Hi-Port 2. It's made entirely from steel with arms padded by thick foam that holds up well to abuse.

Check it out and tell them who sent you.


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