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Monday, May 2, 2016

Indoor Surfboard Design, Decoration and Art Racks | Home Surf Storage Racks

There's lots of different places and types of people who want to store their surfboards. Many surfers want their boards ready to go, stored in their garage. But there's a whole different crowd that wants to store their surfboards in their homes, apartments, beach houses, shops and stores, to use as decoration and design. This is great for classic surfboards, custom surfboards, retired surfboards, or display surfboards. Turn your surfboard into wall art!

clear rack for surf decoration

One great surf display rack to show off surfboards as decorations is our Naked Surf Rack. This is a very minimalist surf rack that is "barely there" so all you see is the surfboard, and not the rack. Here's a couple of photos of customers storing their surfboards as decorations using the Naked Surf.

surfboard decoration

decorative surfboards

Another great option for surfboard decoration and display is a clear surf rack. This is great for designing your beach house or coastal home with the right decor. Here's a customer photo of a clear racks to store and display surfboards at home as wall art.

surfboard art rack

Finally, wood surf racks are popular because of how great they look in homes. Here's a few pictures of surfboards in wood racks.

indoor wood surf rack


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