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Sunday, October 23, 2011

When is the Best Time to Buy a Wakeboard

Now is the time!  That is why I thought it convenient to write this post now. 

I know you want that new wakeboard that just came out and is featured on all the websites and magazines but you are also going to have to pony up some big cash to pay for it.  These days the top of the line pro model wakeboards are running $600+ and that doesn’t include the bindings!  I will say the wakeboard industry is always coming out with great new innovative designs and ideas to push the sport even further.  For the 90% of us out there that are the weekend warrior or summer time champ, a couple board changes isn’t going to take you from doing 180’s to suddenly landing 1080’s.  As much as the wakeboard companies would love us to believe the board makes all the difference the truth is the rider is the key ingredient.

Back to the reason now is the time to buy – all the retailers need to clear out their 2011 gear so they can sell the new 2012 gear for the upcoming season.   All the big brands reveal their new 2012 lineup at Surf Expo in September.  The retailers, especially the large internet companies, start carrying this new gear immediately.  Having wakeboards laying around for years past are not going to move out of the shop, so the retailers have a large incentive to make a deal with you and give you a great deal.  Buyer beware, you need to be a bit more flexible to really make this work in your favor.  Since it is the end of the season they most likely will not have every wakeboard is all the sizes.  But if you are flexible you can score a New Wakeboard for half the price!

Check out your local pro shop, or some of the online retailers like, and

P.S. – Once you get your new wakeboard – you are really going to need a wakeboard storage rack to keep it in during the winter!  I happen to know a thing or two about that…