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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Make the Best Green Smoothie | 10 Tips to Make Your Green Smoothie Even Better

Hi guys! I know you are dying to hear about my tips for making the perfect green smoothie...have you followed my green smoothie recipe yet??

Check out my top 10 tips below for making your green smoothie even better!

  1. Blend. Blend some more. Then blend for another minute. It tastes better the finer the chop.  
  1. Drink it on ice. Cold smoothies go down easier than warm ones. 
  1. Go easy on the kale in the beginning. Raw kale can rip through your stomach and cause a little bloating if you aren't used to eating it. I would suggest making your smoothies with kale and spinach or kale and another veggie in the beginning. 
  1. This isn't called a fruit smoothie.  It's called a green smoothie, so just chill with adding those extra apples.
  1. Adding lemon juice or lime juice helps to cut any bitterness and give it a little zip. 
  1. Get creative. There are tons of great veggies and fruits out there that blend well together. This is what I am drinking right now:  kale, swiss chard, spinach, strawberry, coconut water, chia seeds & lemon juice.  
  1. Use a straw (they are fun!)
  1. Understand that if you choose to use mustard greens, no matter what else you blend with it, no matter how much fruit or ANYTHING you put in there, it will taste like mustard. We learned the hard way on that one. 
  1. Pressed for time in the mornings and feel like this is a huge process?? No prob. Just make 2 batches of smoothie at night and put them in a plastic container with a tight lid, like an old Gatorade bottle or juice container. Then you can enjoy your smoothies for a day or 2 without the daily work! 
  1. You can find more recipes on Raw Family too.