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Saturday, January 16, 2016

New EVOC Bike Products | Travel Bags and Panniers

New bike gear to the site for 2016 are some EVOC bike products that are great for all types of riders, whether you're a veteran of triathalons or a more casual weekend rider. Maybe you're wondering who EVOC is? They're an established European ski/snowboard/bike gear manufacturer looking to break into the U.S.

EVOC bike

Bike Travel Bags: If you're loading up for a big trip, you really need an dynamic, strong bike travel bag to protect your bike along the way. That's exactly what EVOC has designed. The Bike Travel Bag is one of their most popular products - and for good reason - they've thought of everything you need. It's got wheels, padding, support rods, straps, compartments, and more than we can list here. A "Pro" Bike Travel Bag version is available targeted to Road Bike users because it's got some additional support and features for road bikes.

EVOC bike transport bagEVOC bike travel bag

Bike Saddle Bags: Did you just get a new bike? Or maybe you've been looking for a while for the right small bike accessory to carry your gear, whether it's on training runs, cruising around town, or commuting to work. EVOC has a few different sized small bags to fit underneath your seat, that you can choose from to fit your scenario. For a small, light option ideal for road or race bikes, there's the Small Saddle Bag. A slightly larger option is this Bike Saddle Bag, and for even more storage check out the Pro Bike Saddle Bag. They're all made of super durable material, weather resistant, and light weight.

red bike saddle bagblue EVOC bike saddle bag

Ride on!