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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Best Way to Store and Transport Your SUPs If You Live Near the Water

Versatility is one of those words we all like to hear when purchasing a product.  It suggests, "hey, this gadget can do more than one thing, but you don't have to pay double the price."  If you're purchasing a versatile food processor, there's always the hope it will chop your veggies and do double duty as an iPhone dock.  It's a quirky combo, and maybe you don't really need it, but it's a free iPhone charger!

Along those same lines I want to point out one of StoreYourBoard's versatile products, the 2 Paddleboard Cart and Stand Combo.  If you'd like the detailed specs, follow the link.  But if all you need is the quick knowledge, here it is:
  • SUP dolly for 2 paddleboards.  Great for hauls to the beach, river, lake, with beefy wheels that don't bog down and lock up under the weight of 2 boards.
  • At home, slip off the wheels, slide on the floor supports and you have simple, compact board storage for the garage, basement or backyard shed.
  • $149.99! Take it from me (the guy trying to sell this thing!), that's a good price.
Anyway, this SUP rack/cart combo sells pretty well.  People like it (5 Star Reviews across the board) and it's versatile!

Now, we do have listings for both the SUP dolly only and the SUP rack only (no wheels).  Find them here:

These two products absolutely fly off the shelves.  In fact, I'm not even sure we shelve them anymore.  Which is fantastic for all involved; great for customers (excellent reviews again) and good for keeping the lights on at StoreYourBoard.

But here's the curious part.  Both the 2 SUP Carrier ($129.99) and the 2 SUP Stand ($99.99) sell many times better than the versatile 2 Paddleboard Cart and Stand Combo ($149.99).  For the price difference that really stood out to me.  Interesting, no?

I'll leave you with this.  Buy what you want and what works for you.  If you're never going to haul a dolly, what'd you need wheels for?  Same goes for the opposite way around.  But if a combo makes sense, then a little awareness helps, and this was it.


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