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Friday, September 22, 2017

Gearing Up for Winter with the Only Ski & Snowboard Racks You'll Ever Need

Unlike the spring lead-up to summer, it seems no one is ever quite ready for the temperatures to plunge and the first snows to fall.  We've still got autumn, but this last official day of summer has to be a reminder that our days of lengthy SUP paddles in heated weather are drawing to a close.

(Ed. note: If you're in Cali, Bali, or some other sunshine coast, feel free to disregard completely and jump to the below info.  It'll be useful if you've got an eye on some Boulder real estate.)

Anyway, for those of us with a FULL 4 seasons, now's the time to be thinking seasonal change.  The chairlifts will be cranking up before you know it and you don't want to find yourself realizing - again - that your skis are going to spend another season relegated to the loneliest corner of your abode.

At we're already seeing a healthy boost to the winter sports sales, an excellent sign that at least a percentage of us are type A planners to the fullest.   For the rest, consider this a helpful reminder as we roll out a menu of our bestselling winter products.

These products vary in their application, but each is a top selling product because it does its job simply and affordably.  Here they are:

Our Home Utility Ski Rack is the go to rack for a family or serious collection of skis, period.  It's got the looks to hang in your cedar lined mudroom, as evidenced above, but the image I really prefer is the one below.  Sure it displays rakes in place of skis (multi functional!), but it's immediately obvious that this thing is a beast!  Oh, your skis each weigh a ridiculous 37 lbs?  No problem.  Load this thing down with a full roster of 8 pairs.  That's $7.50/pair, which is far less than the tax you just paid for your latest rides.

Next up is a favorite snowboard wall option that automatically generates FREE SHIPPING.  The Cinch is a minimalist setup that attractively displays your board for a measly $7.99.  But it's also a part of our new free shipping initiative on select products, meaning $7.99 is your final price.  I especially like it because it's one of the few snowboard wall racks that allows your board to hug the wall as tightly as possible, making it easy to navigate around all year long.

The above freestanding rack is a perennial bestseller for two reasons.  First, it's one of the few floor racks designed to handle extra wide powder skis, so it's a particular favorite for the westerners out there.  And second, it's just easy.  Meaning no assembly tools needed, no maintenance, no problems with melting ice and snow.  Leave it outside or in your garage - it'll hold up for years.  Constructed of durable polycarbonate and MADE IN THE USA there isn't a home, lodge or trailside condo where this rack won't work.  So if you don't want to locate wall studs, drive drywall anchors or spend 10 minutes on assembly, turn here.

Okay, so it turns out you DO have a beautiful home or nice log sided condo.  You deem aesthetics important, and like the natural look of wood.  Maybe you're even a mountain manager and are looking to replace the standard lineup of metal racks.  Constructed from USA cedar and manufactured in Wisconsin, our Ski & Snowboard Outdoor Log Rack is the perfect solution for storing your skis and boards in a tidy manner, while still looking good.  Select from one of 3 finishes, then place this rack on the back deck or beside the front entrance.  The rot resistant cedar - plus the finish - will protect your rack for many years, despite harsh winter weather.

Last up, I'll turn to a favorite rack with a story I love.  We designed the Hi-Port 2 for use with watersports equipment; surfboards, SUPs and kayaks specifically.  And it immediately started flying off the shelves, with reviews pouring in.  One such review came with the above picture.  "Aha!", we said, our customers are more creative than us!  If overhead ski, snowboard and pole storage is your game, the Hi-Port 2 works exceptionally well.  Each arm measures 25", so a number of skis and boards can fit side by side.  But the best feature may be the rack's center extension post.  Push it close to the ceiling (hangs down approximately 12"), or fully extend to about 20" if you have a tall ceiling.  It makes retrieval easy, while utilizing previously unused overhead space.  And despite it's robust steel construction, with padded, detachable arms and all around adjustability, the Hi-Port 2 is sold for $59.99.  

So there it is.  A lineup of 5 of our best suited winter sports racks.  If one of them doesn't do the trick, just hop on over to our Ski or Snowboard corners for a perusal of the largest selection on the web.


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