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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ski Storage Rack - RACK FEATURE

Today I am going to spotlight on of our Best Selling Ski Storage Racks.  This is both a personal favorite and a customer favorite.  Since the winter season is winding down, now is the PERFECT time to get yourself a Ski Storage Rack!  Without one your skis will no where to call home.

This is probably my favorite ski rack. It is very functional but also looks killer. I know when I put my skis in they are securely stored until the next time I need them. This rack provides very easy access to your skis so they are ready for that next early morning powder run. And when I can't be shredding it on the slopes I like to see my collection of skis hanging on my wall.

This ski rack is made out of very high quality materials and it is quite evident when you pick up the rack. The rack was well engineered; it was not just put together by someone in their garage on a whim. Boardzup took their time and designed a quality rack made to store skis. This is a rack that you know will outlast your skis. There are not any parts of it that are cheap, flimsy, or liable to break. Everything is heavy duty and built for years of use.

Once you mount this ski rack to your wall it feels extremely solid and you know your skis will not be falling out of this rack. One nice feature you often might not ever consider or know about until it is installed is that the rack arms are built to extend far enough from the wall that the tails of the ski do not lean on your wall. This is especially nice when you skis are a bit wet. I also really like the neoprene grips that cushion the skis in the rack. It is really the perfect material that provides cushion so the skis don’t get scratched but it is also very substantial so it doesn’t give too much and pinch you skis too far up the shovel.

I like the modern look with the tubular aluminum, black grips, and ability to have the skis angled. This ability to angle your skis is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

I actually use this rack to store my skis at my home. It is very versatile and can accommodate a large variety of skis. Right now I have one pair Fischer Watea mid fats, one pair of Fischer Slalom Race skis, a pair of K2 telemark skis, and a pair of Salomon kid’s skis. As you can see it will pretty much hold any skis you want to store.

I will say it is not quite as obvious how to install this ski rack as some of our standard wood racks but included in the package are very detailed instructions with pictures to help you make sense of the rack. We have not had any customers complain because it was too hard to install, but it does help to read the instructions to make sure you mount it correctly the first time.

Do yourself a favor and get this ski rack to properly store your skis. Just wait until you have it installed, you will be kicking yourself for not getting one earlier.
We also just recently added another Awesome Feature with this rack.  You can buy extensions to it so you can store more skis.  You can go up to 10 Pairs of Skis!  Very cool if you have a lot of skis and a nice long wall to store and display all your skis.

If this doesn't seem to suit your interests than check out our Ski Wall Rack Page and find over 20 high quality unique ski storage racks.  There are ski racks for all price ranges and styles.


I hope this helped you better understand one of our best selling Ski Racks. Until Next Time...