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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stand Up Paddle Board Racks / SUP Racks - Check It Out

Have you caught the bug with the hottest new board sport?  I am referring to Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs).  From my recent visits to the ocean and for that matter any body of water it seems like many have converted to SUPs. It has quickly become one of our category best sellers and understandably so - those SUPs are HUGE.  Without a dedicated storage rack made to properly store your SUP you are left ditching it somewhere in the house and with their size it is probably taking up a ton of room and if it is on the floor it is probably getting banged up.  With the $1000+ price tag on many SUPs I would say a storage rack is well justified to protect your investment and free up some space in your house.

Check out a few of our best-selling Stand Up Paddle Board Racks:
Overall I think Stand Up Paddle Boards are a nice spin on surfing with the added benefits of catching waves further out, still being enjoyable when the waves are small to non-existent and the ability to use on lakes and rivers along with in the ocean.