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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Board Storage - Spring Cleaning!

How is everyone doing?  I know here in PA we are starting to get some glimpses of the nice spring weather to come (and also quite a bit of rain!?!)  We got in our last runs on the skis and snowboards and now we are gearing up for the water sports. Can't wait, in fact I just got a new wetsuit to start the season a bit earlier!  The street sweepers seem to be coming out so we can have a smoother ride on our skateboards and bikes.  All around a great time for boards sports!  Come to think of it when isnt a good time for board sports?

As spring comes around it also brings with it......Spring Cleaning.  Although I don't particularly like to clean once a year it does feel pretty good to organize the house and get things organized.  While you are spring cleaning this year make sure to take a look at where your boards our stored.  I know I myself am even guilty here.  I just got a new wakeboard and it is sitting in the corner right now waiting for a pair of bindings.  Well what it also needs is a wakeboard wall rack!  In fact after I am done with this I think I am going to display it in one of our new black powder coated Scorpion Racks.  If you haven't been on recently you will have to check out our new black powder coating option on most of our signature logo racks.

So just keep in mind when you are trying to organize your house and garage that a surfboard wall rack, skateboard rack, or snowboard rack would be a great way to safely store and display your boards all year long whether you are going into the off season or just getting geared up for a new season!                

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So take my advice and get a few boards racks for all your boards and get your house organized!  Also, do your friends a favor and forward them this deal so they can take advantage of this great deal as well.


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