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Monday, May 21, 2012

Surfboard Carrier | Get to the Waves the Easy Way

Do you surf?  Do you have a surfboard carrier?  The most likely answer is NO.  I know a lot of surfers and I don't think I know of anyone who has a surfboard carrier.  

What is a Surfboard Carrier?

A surfboard carrier is used to make it easier to carry your surfboard to the beach.  A surfboard carrier can take multiple forms but it is a device that helps you get your surfboard to the waves quicker and easier.  The most common form is a strap type like the one seen below.  There are numerous kinds out there that basically all do the same thing.  They are composed of two straps that hook around your surfboard and then they have a shoulder strap that links them together and lets your carry your surfboard over your shoulder. 

Surfboard Carrier

It is a very simple carrier but it does wonders.  If you have anything bigger than a shortboard and you are not a big guy with really long arms I am sure you can appreciate that at times the slug down to the ocean when the wind is blowing, trying to fit your surfboard under your arms or balance it on your head is not the most pleasant.  Not to mention you can't really take anything else to the beach with you.  If you are a pro surfer, I am sure this is not for you, but for the average weekend warrior - we want to spend the say on the beach, hang out, surf a little, etc.  With a surfboard carrier like this you can have your board over your should and your beach chair and cooler in your hands and you are set for a great day at the beach.

Types of Surfboard Carriers:
The most common types of surfboard carriers are the shoulder strap version and the bike rack version.  There are also some newer types that use wheels and a trailer type setup.  Each of these surfboard carriers has its uses.  The Shoulder Strap version is very universal use carrier. At some point you are going to need to take your surfboard from your beach house or car to the ocean to get to the waves.

         Shoulder Strap Surfboard Carrier
SUP Carrier

If you live close to the ocean but not ocean front, a Surfboard Bike Rack Carrier is the perfect solution.  Beach towns are usually great places to bike and why take a car when you can just hop on your bike and cruise down to the beach.  There are different styles of surfboard bike carriers to fit your bike and your surfboard.  Plus riding your bike is the green way to get to your favorite surf spot.

Bike Rack Surfboard Carrier

Surfboard Bike Rack - Carver

The other style surfboard carrier is a trailer style where you attach your surfboard to a frame with wheels.  As seen below you can either attach this to your bike or you can just pull it along behind you.  It is the same idea that families have been using bringing wagons and trailers filled with all their beach stuff for years.  In these surfboard trailers you can hook up your board and all your gear and just roll it down to the beach.

Surfboard Trailer
Surfboard Bike Trailer - Wheels

So make your life a little easier and get a surfboard carrier so you can save your energy for the surfing!

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