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Friday, April 19, 2013

Top 5 Best Surf Racks | Storage and Display Racks for Surfboards

By Andrew Sachs
Looking for the perfect surf rack to display your quiver when you're not using your boards and to keep them safely stored and protected?  Or maybe you're looking for a new bike or car rack so you can get your surfboards to the break when it's firing.  Here are your top 5 best options for surf racks:

Vertical Surfboard Display Rack.  A classic rack, here is our take on the upright surfboard rack that stores your boards vertically.  Perfect for a larger sized quiver that won't easily fit mounted on the wall or ceiling, the upright storage option is perfect for providing easy access to your boards all the while storing them safely and economically.  Looks like you're running a surf shop in your own house!

Triple Wall Surf Rack.  In addition to vertical storage, we've got the classic horizontal wall storage racks with space for three boards.  Gives a little less of the shop feel and a better display option for inside your house, but also still ideal for garages, sheds or your bedroom.  Foam padded arms ensure that you don't ding your board when you get the call that it's firing and rush to grab your board out of this rack.

Ceiling Surfboard Storage Rack.  To store your boards  out of the way and to really put them on display, we offer our ceiling surfboard storage rack.  As you can see, the rack mounts to your ceiling and stores your surfboards horizontally out of harm's way.  This beauty of this rack is that it is expandable so that you can store additional boards 1 "on top" of another, and even is sturdy and strong enough to hold standup paddle boards (SUPs).  

Surfboard Stands.  The latest "innovation" in surfboard storage, if you want to call it that, are surfboard stands.  The stand is just that - a stand that holds one surfboard.  No installation, screws, or mounting is required, which means the stand can be moved wherever you want at any time.  Take it with you when you travel, move it around your house - whatever - the stand is ready for your board.  Stands come in 2 different types - stands requiring a center fin to secure the board or stands that don't.  We've got both!  Check 'em out.

Surfboard Hanging Straps.  For the most economical ($14.99) and easy way to hang your surfboard, check out these surfboard straps.  Attach the straps to a wall in your house or garage and slide your board through them after a session.  No nonsense approach to surfboard storage.  For a single board only.