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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hang Time Snowboard Wall Mount Rack

The Hang Time Snowboard Wall Mounts are an awesome way to show off your snowboard. This rack allows you to store your snowboard with or without the bindings attached – a huge benefit for those who are actively riding. Another cool thing about this rack is that you can store your board vertically, horizontally, or any way in between. With its minimalistic design, this rack is meant to show off your board and not the rack. See more pictures, read more reviews, or pick up your own at

This rack works by utilizing the hour-glass shape of your snowboard, and requires no permanent changes to your board. Just mount your rack to the wall at any angle you want, and then simply slide your board right onto the rack. Each component of the rack comes with molded rubber to securely hold your board in place and protect its edges.

I like this rack because it allows you to treat your board like a piece of art. Snowboard designers put a lot of effort into making snowboard top sheet graphics look awesome. In fact, the graphics on your board may have been a big factor in deciding why you wanted it. This rack comes in both black and white, so you’ve got options on how you want it to complement your board and/or room.

Proudly made in the USA, this rack is one of our best sellers.  Here’s a review of the Hang Time Snowboard Wall Mount by one of our customers:

Scott:This product is awesome! It was easy to install, and well made. It works just like promised, and really secures the board well. The board goes on the mounts and comes off the mounts really easy, by just rotating the board.