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Monday, August 4, 2014

Kayak Fishing | Storage Gear and Accessories for Your Kayak

by: Lauren Fry 

Fishing from a kayak is not always easy, but with the use of the right riggings on the correct boat, it can be a breeze! A medium length kayak has a good mixture of easy maneuverability and also stability. Some kayaks come outfitted for fishing, but no kayak is 100% fish ready! 


When shopping for a new kayak or getting your existing kayak equipped perfectly, here are some great features to consider:
1. Anchor and pulley. An anchor and pulley system allows you to stay in one spot when fishing a cove or baiting a hook. They are really easy to put onto the side of the kayak and the pulley makes the anchor extremely easy to use.

2. Rod holder. A rod holder that completely secures the reel, is great for trolling and dragging line. It is important to have more than just a holder, but a strap or tie down.  This just makes sure that that you will not lose your rod if you catch a massive trout... or a floating  branch.

3. Sealed compartments. In case of overturning your kayak, it would be a shame to loose all of your tackle and gear in the water. If you are not using gear often, it is a good rule of thumb to have it in a sealed compartment on the boat. These cannot be added to a kayak you already have, but you can tie down gear! Carabiners are incredibly handy for tying down nets, small tackle boxes, dry bags, and other gear and attaching it to the body of the kayak. 

2014-06-15 19.53.05.jpgWhen I am not out paddling around, I use a rubber padded kayak wall rack, and a kayak ceiling hoist to store my kayaks. They are extremely easy to use,  as I am a small 5’4 100 lb female, I can assure you, if I can use them, anyone can!  Kayaks are an investment that can hold value and last forever if they are taken care of, so please, don’t leave your kayaks in the yard.

This is a recent picture of me with my puppy, Bandit, kayaking at a nearby lake. I take my dog with me almost everywhere I go, however I would not recommend kayaking with a dog while fishing. We came close to  overturning several times and it was extremely difficult to fish with a dog in my lap. It did make for a great picture though! The picture at the top of the page, is one I took of my father fishing from his  old town angler kayak that my family gave him for fathers day.