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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Preparing for Ski Season | Pick Out the Right Ski Gear

planking_corgi.jpgby: Lauren Fry 
Do you suffer from summertime sadness? Post-snow depression? Off-season anxiety? You are not alone in the long wait for the return of the powder, this corgi also suffers from these very serious disorders. There however are things to do, so quit laying around and get shopping!

Now is the time to gear up and get ready, The off season is the best time to buy new gear, especially before Halloween! While that sounds so far away, it is sneaking up on us. Retailers are getting rid of their stock in preparation for their new inventory that comes in just in time for season! 

In Vail Colorado there is an annual event the weekend before halloween where retailers and representatives bring all of their brand new gear from the previous season, for those interested, it is called the Ski Swap. There are other similar events elsewhere, you should definitely ask around local retailers to find out when the best sales and events are in your area. 

You have shopping and research to do, so let's get right into it! These are some guidelines and tips for before you hit the racks shopping:

1. Do your research: Narrow down your ski or board selection to a shape, size, weight etc. This will help you so you don't get swept up in a spur of the moment sale. Keeping your brand preference narrowed down, but not zeroed in, helps you have a wider selection to choose from and will help you get that screaming good deal. 

photo.JPG2. Avoid buying boots online: Even if you know your boot size it is risky to buy online if you have never tried on the specific Brand and model of boot in the exact size. The best way to buy boots is to try many on and pick out your top two or three. You can then research online to find a better price, or know what you are looking for on the sale racks!

3. Goggles, wax, and storage: When buying goggles it is important to decide what tint of lens you want before you step into the store, this way you won't get dazzled by a flashy chrome pair on major markdown. With wax shopping, make sure you know what types (weathers) you are going to be using in the early season and into spring skiing. Finally, for ski storage and transport, it may not be your most glamorous purchase, but it is a very important investment in prolonging the life of your skis, from carrying straps to backpacks all the way to ski roof racks and ski home racks, having the right equipment can make your life a whole lot easier. 

You are now ready to search and shop, may the bargains and sales be ever in your favor.  After some great bargains and sales, I came home with a few too many skis.  At least more than I currently have room for! I will definitely be purchasing another vertical ski rack to hold my new finds, which includes a collection of ski blades (not pictured) which I cannot wait to use, and write about.