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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Workouts for the Ski Season | Get in Ski Shape

by: Lauren Fry 
Before you start groaning at the thought of a smelly gym, or making a lifestyle change, keep reading! These are simple and quick workouts that can be done in your home that do not require equipment. This means you could fit it in before work or as a study break. These specific workouts do not even require much, if any, sweat!

2014-09-12 10.52.09.jpgShallow Squats: When done with the correct form, these can strengthen knees a great deal and help protect your joints from wear and tear and solve many knee problems as well! This is a great tool for mogul skiing especially due to the major stress put on the knees!

Squat Holds and Wall Sits: This strengthens legs for all terrains and can help with carving your turns as well as landing jumps from cornices or in the terrain park. These exercises are great for endurance as well.

Tuck Jumps and Squat Jumps: When carving up a race course, skiers need to have explosive power in their legs to be able to push their skis away from them and then quickly pull them back underneath and to the other side to initiate another turn very quickly. Having more of this explosive leg strength can help skiers of all levels! 

For Squats: When doing squats, focus the weight and pressure going out through your heels and less weight on your toes, you can even lift your toes off the ground as you quickly drive up through your heels. Any of these workouts can be done at home, you do not need high end equipment, so no excuses!  

Workout in Your Boots!  While it may seem weird at first, it has been proven effective for me to do this workout in my boots! It helps focus on holding the correct weight distribution throughout the whole squat, this way you are forced to keep the pressure off of your toes through the whole motion. Plus the added weight for jumps makes them more difficult. This is a great way to start breaking in new boots even before snow is on the forecast! 


What are you waiting for? Lets Get Skiing!!