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Monday, July 11, 2016

Surfboard Mosaic Artwork by Katy | Display Surfboard Wall Art at Home

Looking for a great way to recycle your old, used surfboard into a new work of art? Check out how Katy designs and creates mosaic surfboards to display in people's homes, restaurants, and even on the set of a TV show. Katy resides in Hermosa Beach, and grew up loving the beach and the ocean. 2 years ago she turned her artistic talents to designing and decorating old surfboards to give them new life as wall mosaics. The results are pretty amazing. 

 Creating a mosaic surfboard starts with cleaning all the wax off of the board because usually the surfboards are fresh out of the water. Then Katy creates the patterns and attaches each mosaic piece onto the board one at a time. She lets the boards' personality determine what pattern will develop, which is a fun time when she has music on in her "woman cave," typically working at sunset, and seeing what inspires her for each board. All of her surfboards are unique and created with love - often, when she shows her surfboards to people, their first response is to reach out and touch it, a true connection to the board.

Some of Katy's surfboard have the backside left intact and are just given a nice glossy finish. Others are painted and adorned with a few shells. An occasional board may need to be grouted across the back to camouflage damage that has been done to the board. Overall, these boards that would have ended up in a landfill now make people's homes a lot more special with their presence on the wall! Most of the surfboard mosaic artworks end up locally, in people's homes. Others are placed in local stores and restaurants. One even made the set for the Liv and Maddie TV show. Check out Surf Mosaics by Katy on Facebook or Etsy for more info.

Once the surfboards are finished and ready to be displayed in homes, the boards need a great surf wall rack to store and display them! Katy knows that has the best storage and display options, so that's what she recommends to her customers. Some favorites are a Wood Surf Wall Racks, that go well with her surfboards.