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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kayak Dock Rack: A True Problem Solver

Surfers, SUPers, canoeists, kayakers.  We welcome plenty to our (virtual) storefront, invite them in, encourage them to shop around.  Everyone's looking for something a bit different; we try our best to fulfill their needs.  So on any given day we have questions about weight limitations, mounting heights, "can this surf rack fit SUPS?", "will this hoist lift my canoe over my car?", etc.  

Obviously not all racks are created equal for all needs. A SUP display rack that looks great in your lakeside den won't be the rack of choice for a marina owner needing an upright SUP display rack for boat shows. The same can be said, of course, for kayak storage racks.

Kayak racks are a bit of a doozy for us.  We offer plenty of options--again, "to each their own" as the saying goes--but finding a truly versatile rack that solves a host of problems was proving a challenge.  And in case those problems aren't clear, here's a summary of what customers want solved:
  • Easy to store and retrieve the kayak: Kayaks can be heavy, lengthy, widthy and generally too bulky for easy storage. It's easy to strain muscles throwing around a 25 pounder, to say nothing of the 55 lb tandem beasts.  So yeah, the ideal kayak storage rack eliminates or greatly reduces the need for lifting, heaving, straining...
  • Near the water: In other words, store it where you'll use it.  For those who like to bounce from lake to pond to bay, of course a kayak roof rack is the way to go. But if you live on your waterway of choice, what's the kayak doing up there in the garage?
  • Get this thing out of my way!: Remember these things are big and bulky. It's easy to sacrifice a garage bay or the entire end of your dock to an upside down hunk of PVC.  So for the sake of marriages, shins and ankles everywhere, you need that 'yak out of the way.
  • Paddle included: No this doesn't mean "buy a rack, get a paddle!" (though maybe that's something to think about).  Rather, it means keep your paddle securely stored with your rack. Ever left for an afternoon cruise without the paddle?  Neither have we.

As mentioned, not all kayak racks will be all things to all people. But I'm writing this post now because we do have one rack in particular that solves all of the above problems for those of you lucky enough to have waterfront real estate.  Our Kayak Dock Rack has proven itself very popular for this very reason.  Maybe it's not all things to all people, but it sure is many things to many folks!

If you'll allow me a few more paragraphs I'll run through the checklist and point out a couple additional features that make the Kayak Dock Rack our top seller for outdoor kayak storage....

Easy to store and retrieve? Near the water? Out of the way? Stores a paddle?  Check, check, check and check.  The Kayak Dock Rack conveniently attaches to docks of any material; wood, aluminum or composite decking. It hangs your kayak over the water (keeping the dock clear!) and raises and lowers your kayak by way of an ingenious, patented lifting arm.  

Best yet, the Kayak Dock Rack comes in 2 design styles.  The first style allows you to raise and lower the kayak while still on the dock and is ideal for entering your craft from the dock.  The second style is raised and lowered from the water, which is perfect for those of you with only a couple feet of water around the dock. Visit the listing for more details on these differences.

Sure it's self-serving to send you directly to one of our bestsellers, but if you're on this page it's probably because you're looking for just this contraption.  It's versatile, universal and priced right.  So if you're looking for the best-all-around kayak dock rack; the one that fits the bill in nearly all instances, halt right here and go buy the darn thing!