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Friday, April 7, 2017

Best Board Storage Solutions

It’s been pretty amusing to see how this whole board storage world has taken shape and evolved over the last few years. 

In short, board storage has gotten cool.  Initially it was practical. Then it was smart, still practical and kinda good looking. Now it’s just bad-to-the-bone cool and trending hotter.  I’d like to think we’ve had a bit of influence on that trend. Products like our Naked Surf rack have helped push boarders out of the “bummer, I’ve got no place for my board” category to “sweeeet, my board looks real good just chillin’ up there” category.  

As the movers and shakers behind the machine we’ve been privy to this evolution through the questions, pictures, reviews and general communications from our customers. In many ways you end users have really shown us what’s possible. Which is amusing for a number of reasons.

I think it’s high time we get back around to throwing a few of these pics out there to circulate where they may. Courtesy our valued customers who, curiously, seem to all understand the fine art of iPhone pic wielding. 

So who are these people and how have they commandeered our board racks for their own good-hearted uses? Well firstly, they’re realtors, dentists, pro skiers, construction workers, bakers, marina owners, teenagers, old men, teachers, boaters, dog walkers, lawyers, retirees and students. What they’ve all done is adapt our racks for their own personal or professional uses. 

We know one skater who covered an entire room with incredible board decks. A real estate guru rents sweet pads to the “outdoor oriented” by staging man caves and dens with surf or snowboards floating as wall art. The director of a surf expo used backlighting to show off a fleet of boards. And on and on…

So get out there, make something cool happen and, when you do, send us a pic.