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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Celebrate International Surfing Day on June 20 (or June 23?)

By Andrew Sachs
Today is International Surfing Day - hopefully you are paddling out somewhere to celebrate the sport and spirit of surfing.  And after you're finished, take part in some of the beach cleanup activities that local surfrider foundation chapters have planned.  There are chapters everywhere that you can get in contact with to help out.

I want to mention the "controversy" surrounding International Surfing Day.  The Surfrider Foundation lists ISD as June 20, 2013 on its website, as do Transworld Surf and other U.S. websites.  But in Europe and other websites International Surfing Day is is June 23!  Not surprisingly, the world can't even agree on what day is International Surfing Day.

Whatever day you celebrate International Surfing Day - or both days - enjoy your time in the water, because if you're lucky enough to be surfing, you're lucky enough.  Some people don't even get that chance.