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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Best Bike Storage: Garage Storage Options

By Andrew Sachs
If you're looking for bike storage options for your garage, we've got you covered.  We know bikes can be an expensive investment and it's important to protect that investment and keep them in top condition by storing your bikes safely and securely out of harm's way.  Don't just lean your bicycle up against the wall where someone - you, your kids, your dog, whoever - will knock it over, bump into it, ding it, or worse.

Ceiling Bike Hoist: a great option to utilize the space above your head to keep your bike completely out of the way, but easily and quickly accessible when you need it.  The hoist can lift your bike up to 12 feet, so this works even with very high ceilings.  The two pulley system means it's no problem to lift and release heavy bikes and the locking mechanism ensures your bike is stable when it's stored up high.

Take it from two of our customer reviews on the bike hoist:
  1. Kaitlin C.: "it is super easy to hoist our bikes up when we are not using them.  In the winter it is great, they are out of the way and I don't even notice them.  In the summer, sometimes I don't always hoist it back up everyday but I always have the option." 
  2. Bike Guy: "this is a great pulley system to get stuff off the ground in your garage.  I bought one of these about eight years ago and another a week ago for a second bike.  The first one is still perfect."
Double Vertical Bike Rack: this rack is designed so that it doesn't have to be screwed into the wall but still gives you a robust rack that stores two bikes, one above the other, saving valuable storage space.  But, as a back up, this rack is made to be easily screwed into a wall, which some of our customers suggest doing if you store two bikes on it.  Another great feature is that the rack arms that hold your bikes are adjustable - they can be moved up and down the center column of the rack to space your bikes as needed whether they are mens' or womens' bikes, beach cruisers or road bikes.  With this rack, you store two bikes in the space that, without this rack, you're storing one.  Great for apartments, too. 

Take it from our customer reviews on this rack:
  1. Grant: "This went together in 10 minutes.  In fact it took longer for me to decide where to put it than it did to put it together...Mine holds two bikes perfectly.  Each side of the holders are separate so you can easily have on higher than the other for bikes with slanting cross-bars."
  2. P. Gray: "This vertical option was perfect for us.  It cleared up a good bit of room and generally made getting our bikes in and out everyday much easier.  We did not bolt this to the wall, because it leans up against the wall, and doesn't really wobble around too much.
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