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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Surfboard Display Rack | New StoreYourBoard Surf Rack

By Andrew Sachs
We're once again expanding our product line at StoreYourBoard with the addition of a new surfboard rack - check it out!  Another great option to store and display your surfboard in your house, room, basement, deck, garage, shed or wherever...

One of the main differences between this surf rack and some of our other surf racks is that this wall rack is made of plastic.  A very strong recycled polycarbonate plastic.  The benefits of plastic:

  1. Great price performer ($39.99).
  2. More specialized design.  Here, when mounted, the rack sits out from the wall so your surfboard can sit in the rack with its fins in.  Ideal for the frequent surfer, great for dawn patrol.  
  3. Comes in 2 colors - black or clear.  Grab the clear one - combined with the low visibility of the rack's arms, your board will look like it's floating.  Keeps the focus where it should be, your surfboard.