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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Surf Racks for Pickup Trucks

By Andrew Sachs
You need a surfboard rack for your pickup truck.  I've seen way too many trucks riding with surfboards tossed into their bed or leaning up against the tailgate with no protection, bouncing around and getting dinged up.  Maybe some trucks slip a towel under the boards for "protection."  We've got a simple surfboard truck rack for this situation: a support pad fits over your tailgate that you lean your boards on with a strap on top that locks your boards in place so they stay secured in place and protected.

 The surfboard truck rack is simple to set up.  Two adjustable straps fit around your tailgate to lock the rack into place.  The straps are adjustable so the rack can fit any size truck tailgate.  Then, when the pad is secured firmly against the top of the tailgate, you lay your boards against the pad.  I've had this rack supporting multiple boards in the back of my truck, so you'll only need one rack for 3 boards.  Although if you have a lot more boards, you could get two of these racks and set them up side by side.  After your surfboards are in place, a strap runs over the top of the boards.  Tighten the strap using the standard roof rack locking clip and you should be good to go.  It's that easy to protect your boards in the back of your truck.  

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