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Friday, April 11, 2014

Las Lenas Ski and Snowboard Resort in Argentina

If Portillo left you hungry of more cool ski resorts, Las Leñas will be the dessert. Located in Mendoza, Argentina, this winter sports’ ode has got everything you could ask for.

The resort is a magnificent place for everybody. It opened its doors in 1983 and the name honors a bush from the desert. In addition, the mountain located on the opposite of our main attraction has got that name due to being covered in these “yellow fire woods”. It opens at 9am and closes at 5pm, so it’s 8 hours of pure fun!
Beginner or pro, you’ve got 17.500ha divided into 29 trails. Moreover, the place’s got 14 options to go up. This avoids the issue of having to wait too much. And if this seems meaningless, surprise surprise: the resort possesses one of the largest trails in South America. It's 7km long, an ideal distance for intermediate snowboarders. As you might think, the locals al truly proud of this trail.
There’s also a 1km long trail, exceptional for beginners. And if you are an expert, you can practice snowboard during the night, as there are 2km long trails, fully illuminated. Moreover, when there’s no snow there’s nothing to worry about, as the resort is equipped with 30 cannons which fabricate artificial snow to satisfy the quality you are looking for.
Want some good news? The city is not far away. You can visit it at night, play some pool or just take a walk. You’ll also find a mall and an institutional museum that allows to acknowledge the valley’s history and two casinos for more fun!

All kinds of professionals go to Las Leñas, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you saw a bunch of these guys, cameramen, photographers and more. Maybe you can get me an autograph.
Regarding the weather during winter, nights get quite freezy. Temperature varies from 11Cº to -1.4Cº. And regarding equipment, a locking gear strap is clearly a must. So remember, protection for your board, and a jacket for the cold.
“Hey, I’m on vacation. Where can I go dancing?” Yeah, sorry it took me so long. Las Leñas’ night starts at 2am, so be sure to get some rest before using your mojo. Plus, in August there’s an event called The Snow Fashion Show. Exactly, lots of models.
Accommodations include comfortable hotels with marvellous views and 3000 beds. Are you going to miss this wicked opportunity?