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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Portillo Ski Resort | Ski and Snowboard in Chile, South America

If Easter Island isn’t awesome enough, Chile has something else to offer adventure seekers. Located only 150km from Santiago, Portillo Ski Resort is everything a snowboarder dreams of.

Portillo holds the title of “oldest ski resort in South America.” The resort was built after the birth of railways in Chile. They were forged by English people who, during the construction, practiced skiing as entertainment. But it wasn’t until 1910, after the inauguration, when professionals started showing up.

In 1966 Portillo wanted to become the World’s Championship’s Ski Resort. At that time this tournament was really important as there were only two main events throughout the year: The World’s Championship and the Olympics. After a bunch of meetings and thousands of promises, the Federation accepted.
The main issue they had was that there was a lot of work ahead. They had to design, construct and materialize those promises. Unfortunately, when everything was finally done, from trails to elevation, an avalanche showed up. Nowadays there’s lots of controls and security. In those years, workers at the ski resort fixed stuff so the main event was held. Our heritage relies on what can be seen. Amazing mountains and tons of fun. Not to mention the variety of trails.


The trails for beginners are ideal to learn snowboard. The resort provides enough training so as to have no excuses when more difficult trails come across our eyes.
Intermediate trails offer the challenging adventure people seek when they kinda know something about this marvellous sport.
Regarding advanced trails, there’s nothing to say, as they have everything a snowboarder needs, from spectacular snow to cool heights.  And if you consider yourself someone who knows enough about snowboarding, there’s no doubt you know how to take care of your board. That’s why the snowboard travel case is a must so as to avoid future issues.
Black trails are getting more and more famous at Portillo Ski Resort, mainly due to heights. Almost 80% of all the snow is daily stepped on, while the off site trails keep the natural quality so as to explore the sport as nature would want us to.
And if you want to know about accommodations, Portillo offers a variety of hotels. Don’t worry, you won’t need to travel a lot to reach the mountain.