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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quitting Your Job for a Long Distance Bike Trip down the Pacific Coast!

This June I will be quitting my job to spend six weeks biking down the Pacific Coast with my mom. Our route will take us from Vancouver to Tijuana, and we will travel by the ocean for the majority of the trip.

kansas sunset.jpg
you enjoy a lot more sunsets when you're not working inside!
It might seem risky, giving up a dependable paycheck to go on a summer vacation, but I’m going to stand by my decision - I can't wait!

Why am I OK with quitting my job for a six week bike trip?
  • I don’t actually like my job that much anyway.
  • I don’t make very much money. Upon my return home, it won’t be difficult to find another job that pays me the same low amount.
  • I would rather spend my summer biking next to the ocean than dealing with customers.
  • I have saved enough money for my trip to pay my bills while I’m gone, and to get by when I come back and I’m job hunting.

you'll be a lot happier and healthier in nature
Great, now that we are done talking about me, let’s talk about you. Do you have a grand adventure that you are aching to go on, but responsibilities are getting in the way? Sure, if you love your job and you don’t really like going on vacation, then maybe you should continue doing what you’re doing... But if you just can’t shake that wanderlust, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Go Bike Somewhere Far Away
  • Biking is good for your health and stress (possibly work related) is bad for your health. You will live longer if you go ride your bike a few thousand miles.
  • How much do you really like your job? Do you like it enough to give up your traveling dreams in order to keep it?
  • Sure, you have bills to pay. Plan your trip to start when your apartment lease ends and BAM, most of your bills are gone.
  • Chances are that your education and skill set are similar to that of other people who are applying for the same jobs as you. Add “biked 1800 miles from Vancouver to Tijuana” to your resume, and you’ll stand out.
  • You might think that you will do all your traveling when you retire. But will you still have your health then?
  • Doing an extended bike trip will help you to be more outgoing in all other aspects of your life. You will probably gain the confidence to go after your real career goals.
  • While you bike, you have all day long to think about things. If you’re trying to sort through a difficult life situation, biking will help you.
  • Biking a long-distance will make you happy.
  • Unstrapping your bike rack for a change will make you feel more energized and less stressed.