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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Clear Plastic Surf Wall Rack | Surfboard Rack Garage Installation

By Rick Bickerstaff

The folks at were kind enough to send me this surf rack. The rack features a very simple design with hardly any hardware -- just two screws and two washers -- making it super easy to install, and a really solid choice for board storage.

 surfboard rack

The first step is to figure out where you are going to mount the rack, which means you need a stud finder. I ended up installing the rack in my garage, which has exposed studs, making this part easy (I'll likely need to install this same rack in an interior location at a later date, so I'll update the photos after that). 

I recommend not getting the cheapest stud finder, because they can be inaccurate and you'll end up with unwanted holes in your wall -- spend around $15-20 and you'll be fine.

The only hardware required, included with the rack!
Find your stud and make your mark for the first rack. Don't skip the stud step! The rack is strong, but drywall is not -- you need a stud. 

After you have your mark, drill a 3/16" hole into the wall, making sure it's long enough for the bolt. Pre-drilling is beyond-important, because if you try and just screw a bolt this thick into the wall, it may split the wood.

Be sure to include the washer on the outside of the rack when you ratchet it in, and tighten, but do not over tighten! Although the surf rack is made from unbreakable polycarbonate, you don't want to break something else!

The rack should be able to wiggle a bit with slight pressure. 

After the first rack side is in, using a level and the following specifications, mark your second hole. Studs tend to be about 16" apart, and so this is the recommended distance between your racks, depending on the type of board you want to display:
  • Snow/ wakeboards: 32" apart
  • Surfboards: 48" or 64" apart
  • Longboards/ guns: 80" apart
Drill the hole, and ratchet the bolt in the same way and boom -- your rack is installed. Simple as that.

surf garage rack

surfboard wall rack

One of the great things about this rack is that it's deep enough to display your board with the fins back. It's also clear (though they have color options) so you see more of the board and less of the rack.

And that's it! Almost too easy...

For visual learners, here is a video of my installation.

Let me know how it goes, or if you need more detail, by commenting below or clicking here!